How Do You Delete a Group on Facebook

Wish to erase a group you developed on Facebook? This guide will reveal you how do you delete a group on Facebook.

Although there is no readily available link in Facebook's interface to erase a group, the system instantly gets rid of groups that have no members. For that reason, to delete a group, you initially need to eliminate all its members and after that leave it. If you exit the group without formerly getting rid of all its members, the group will stay there, and you will lose your admin status so you will not have the ability to erase this group any longer. This is the method to delete it properly:

How Do You Delete a Group on Facebook

Go to the page of the group you wish to remove and there, right listed below the large photo at the top of the page, click the "Members" tab.

How do you delete a group on facebook
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This will reveal you a list of all individuals who are members of your group. Because of the list, one by one for all the members other than you, click the equipment icon near their photo then, in the appearing menu, click the "Eliminate from Group" alternative. Each time you do this you need to verify the action by clicking the "Verify" button that will appear.

how do you delete a group on facebook you created

As soon as you are the only member in the list, click the equipment icon at the ideal extreme of your image and click the "Leave Group" alternative in the appearing menu. Facebook will reveal you a message informing you that, because you are the last member, leaving the group will likewise erase it. Just click the "Erase Group" button to validate the action.

In this manner, your group will be erased.