How Do You Delete Facebook Messages

This tutorial I am going to give to you is about "How Do You Delete Facebook Messages" If you want to delete messages on your Facebook account, you can follow the tutorial below.

If your inbox is jumbled with unwanted Facebook messages, you might not wish to wait till you can get to a computer system to erase them all.

Or perhaps there's an unusually personal message you have to delete immediately.

delete facebook messages

With Facebook's Messenger app, you can delete private messages and whole threads directly from your phone or tablet. Here's how:

How Do You Delete Facebook Messages

Open the Facebook Messenger app, and tap the discussion which contains the message you wish to erase.

How Do You Delete Facebook Messages

Press and hold the particular message you wish to eliminate till the Erase button appears.

how do you delete facebook messages now

Erasing and the whole thread is simple, too. Only open the messenger app, discover the discussion you want to delete, swipe to the left and tap the erase button.

how to do delete facebook messages
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