How Do I Stop Facebook Notifications on My Phone

If you read my previous post on how do I stop Facebook notifications on my phone, you 'd understand that I now own not one however 2 of these gadgets. One annoying issue I experienced preserving several gadgets is many notices. Each time I got a brand-new notice, pal demand or a message on Facebook, both my devices alerted me at the same time. Gets annoying after a while.

Gmail, Google+ and Facebook were the three most frustrating apps when speaking about several notices and uninstalling the apps in among these gadgets was not the option I would opt for. So to make a start, today I will attempt to disable alerts from Facebook for Android.

Even if you do not have several Android gadgets, there's no have to retreat. In this post we will not just reveal you how you can silence all the notices, however likewise speak about disabling message signals from particular pals you want to disregard.

how to stop facebook notifications on phone

So let's start ...

How Do I Stop Facebook Notifications on My Phone

Silence all the Notices

The very first thing we will see is silencing all the notifications from Facebook on Android. If you are utilizing Jelly Bean on your gadget, you can straight disable app drawer notice for a Facebook app from Android settings. We have currently seen how it is carried out in among our previous posts.
If your gadget has not yet gotten the Jelly Bean upgrade, then you will need to disable these alerts from the Facebook app settings.

how do i stop facebook notifications on my phone

Open Facebook for Android on your gadget, open the in-app menu and choose Settings. Scroll down to discover the Notice choice therein. If you wish to disable all the notices from the app (remarks, wall posts, messages, and so on) just uncheck that alternative.

Nevertheless, if you wish to shut off just particular ones like messages and wall posts, you will need to uncheck the specific choices. You can likewise decide to keep all the alerts active, however, silence them or only keep them on vibration alert. When you are done, just click the back button to conserve the settings.

That was how one could disable all or some particular alert types. Let's now take a look at how you can disable message notices from individual pals.
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Mute Notice from Particular Pals.

Open the Facebook app and tap on the three lines button on the leading left corner to open its navigation panel. Utilizing this panel, you can browse from one area to another quickly. Tap on the search box on top and key in the name of the contact you want to obstruct. Tap on the good friend's name from the returned search engine result to open his wall.

how to stop receiving facebook notifications on my phone

Tap on the message button on his wall to open the Messaging page. If you have just recently had some discussion with that buddy, you can open the conversation window by utilizing the message button between alerts and brand-new pal demands.

You should now tap the info button on the top-right corner. Here you might shut off notice from this discussion. You can either disable the alerts completely or silence it for a particular period. If you opt for a restricted time, the notifications will get made it possible for instantly for that good friend after the time goes out.

how to stop receiving facebook notifications on phone


So that was how you could disable notices from Facebook on Android and keep it restricted to just one of your various Android gadgets (if you have more than one that is). Hope that is available in useful. I make certain the 2nd part of the post about silencing notifies from particular contacts would work to numerous. After all, all of us have had such good friends on Facebook, have not we?