How Do I Hide My Birthday on Facebook

Some individuals like to obtain birthday messages on Facebook.

Heck, the very first year I was on I could not find out why nobody wanted me a happy birthday when my turn came. I understood I had the setting shut off (understanding a lot about track record management can have its downsides). How do I hide my birthday on Facebook?

And some individuals do not.

If you want to conceal your birthday on Facebook, here's ways to ensure all 900 of your real friends aren't informed, triggered to compose on your wall or acquire a sponsored item.

how to hide my birthday on facebook

How Do I Hide My Birthday on Facebook

  1. Browse to your profile.
  2. Click About under your cover picture.
  3. Click Contact and Fundamental Details.
  4. Scroll down till you see your birthdate, hover over Birth DATE or Birth YEAR.
  5. Click Edit and pick who know either (I have it set to Pals for Date and Just Me for several years).
Learn this here now:
* If you choose Just Me for your birth DAY, nobody will understand it's your birthday, and you will get no birthday wants from your pals.

** If you choose Just Me for your birth YEAR, nobody will understand your age.

How do I hide my birthday on facebook

Disappointing your birthday to the whole world is an excellent preventative procedure to take versus identity theft. Now that we can piece together increasingly more about each other based upon the large volume readily available to us online, be safe where you can.

So I created this article, may be useful and may become reference material for you.