How Can I See My Messages on Facebook Without Messenger?

How can I see my messages on Facebook without messenger? Over the last couple of weeks, there has been lots of stink over that Facebook is splitting its messaging performance out into a brand-new Facebook Messenger app. Some fear-mongers have been spreading out reports that Facebook prepares to utilize your video camera and microphone to eavesdrop on your discussions, while Facebook has sent out quite clear messages that it has no intent to do so. The outcome, nevertheless, has been many discussions where loved ones have asked me whether they must prevent setting up the Messenger app.

My action has been quite easy. Even if it held true, and Facebook was spying ... is your life actually that fascinating? If you're interested in Facebook eavesdropping on your discussions, possibly you must reassess exactly what activities you're taken part in. No ... Facebook is not truly thinking about your tirades throughout your kid's soccer video game. Surprise ... they do not wish to hear you utilize the terms "ping," "plan" and "take advantage of" in your business conferences. It holds true ... Facebook is not thinking about any of your humiliating restroom sounds while you play Sweet Crush Legend on the toilet.

I dislike to be the bearer of the problem, however setting up the Messenger app isn't going to put your privacy in any more threat than the currently humiliating images and "issue is me" posts that you're placing on Facebook yourself. So cool down, do not think the fear-mongers ... just unwind.

Setting up Facebook Messenger is not the completion of your privacy. You can still utilize the phone to call individuals. You can still text. You can still email. If you select not to use Facebook Messenger, fantastic! It's one less interaction channel that you have to examine while you're sitting at the traffic light holding everybody else up in line when the light turns green, and you're focused on your phone.

How Can I See My Messages on Facebook Without Messenger


However if you do not think me and you REQUIRED your Facebook messages, yet are frightened that including it to your phone will need you to use a foil hat for the rest of your life, so Facebook does not take your ideas, then here are the guidelines on ways to get them. No ... it's not ideal. Yes, it's sludgy ... however, if you desire the very best experience, just set up the app and overcome it.
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How Can I See My Messages on Facebook Without Messenger?

  • Set up Chrome on your gadget. If you are an Android user, it's currently on your phone.
  • Open Chrome and browse to (do not visit yet).
  • Open the context menu within Chrome and examine package beside "Demand Desktop Website."
  • Refill the page, and you must see the desktop website.
  • Visit.
  • Click the Messages link in the left nav under your profile image to see your messages and react to them.

Once again, not the very best user experience, however, it gets you to your messages without ever needing to acquiesce the personal privacy will of Facebook. Other than for that you mostly handed out all personal privacy expectations when you "Concurred" to the Facebook regards to usage by developing your account. Oh yeah ... that little information.

I hope this assists. I likewise hope this post gets no traffic since individuals aren't sill enough to Google "how can I see my Facebook messages on my phone without setting up the Messenger app." We'll see ...