How Can I Delete My Facebook

How can I delete my Facebook? You can erase your account( irreversible deactivate) from Facebook by clicking the following link.

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For more assistance associated with erasing your account, you can describe

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How can I delete my facebook

How Can I Delete My Facebook?

As I can see many ones recommended about these links, so I wish to suggest another thing that is extremely difficult as when we deal with some issue with Facebook we want to erase it completely however after 4-- 5 days we alter our mind and log in. So follow the below procedure.
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After when you finished this process, you will get 2 Week time in which you can log in to your account and can trigger once again. So if you are regular of visiting Facebook and wish to erase then follow this technique before sending removal demand undoubtedly.
  1. Eliminate your contact number from Facebook and alter central mail to other mail. (It's elective action).
  2. Modification your password and put a long not unforgettable password, however, jot down it when (as it will require at the time of removal).
  3. Erase your account by the listed below link.
Delete Facebook account link

  • Now toss that paper where you have made a note of your on the unforgettable password.

Now as it takes 2 Week to erase and you cannot login to your account as you do not keep in mind password so that it will be erased.