How Can I Change My Birthday on Facebook

Concern: I have an issue that's been pestering me for a very long time. How can I change my birthday on Facebook?

When I signed up with Facebook, I put in a phony birth date because I was too young to open an account at the time. Now I wish to alter it to reveal my actual birthday. How do I do that?

How can I change my birthday on facebook

Response: It's quite simple to alter your birthdate on Facebook Mandy. Here's how:

How Can I Change My Birthday on Facebook

1-- Visit your Facebook account and click your name into a show your Timeline.

2-- Click the About link.

3-- Click the Contact and Fundamental Details link in the left-hand column.

4-- Hover your mouse over the "Birth Date" line end clicks the Edit button that appears.

5-- Modification the Month, Day and Year to show the date of your real birthday.

Keep in mind: While you're here, you can additionally alter the personal privacy settings for your birthday to conceal it from everybody other than for your good friends.
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And if the security of your details is crucial to you (and it needs to be), you can decide to conceal your birthday from everybody however yourself.

6-- Click Conserve Modifications.

That's all there is to it. The birthdate on your Facebook profile needs to be now appropriate.

I hope this assists you. Best of luck!