Facebook Updates for Android

Facebook, otherwise well known and reviled for many years, continues its slow march to social networks supremacy. Every brand-new Facebook Updates for Android, inadequately detailed and incremental though many might be, includes weight to the monster as it slumps over forwards to its objective.

Facebook Updates for Android

February 25, 2016: brand-new response emoji.

Facebook has, at last, acquiesced press to consist of more than a basic Like button. The methods which you can react to a post without the requirement of real language have now broadened to include a Love emoji, enhancing your positivity considerably.

There's likewise Haha, Wow, Unfortunate and Angry, which competently cover the range of human psychological actions to stimuli. Facebook's Zuckerburg stays eager to restrict users' capabilities to reveal negativeness, nevertheless, as the much-requested Dislike button remains evasive. Fortunately, we have words to explain simply just how much we hate exactly what our peers are sharing, so we can only continue leaving mean-spirited remarks, rather.

To utilize these brand-new emoji, a long press on the thumbs up icon will pack a list of them. Move your thumb over to the emoji that a lot of precisely shows how a particular post makes you feel and launch. Feel much better?

facebook emoji updates

January 28, 2016: Facebook includes live-streaming function.

If you have ever been enjoying yourself out there worldwide a lot that you believed it might be useful if all your sort-of-friends on Facebook might see precisely what you're doing at that minute, well, today is your blessed day.

Facebook has been checking the capability to share live video through its platform considering that December, and it hasn't taken long to obtain the function out on a broad scale. United States iPhone users can now live stream video through Facebook whenever they elegant doing so, and Facebook prepares to roll this out to users all over the world "over the coming weeks.".

By tapping on Update status and choosing the video icon, you can include a little description and get that video operating. You'll then have the ability to see the number of individuals is tuned in, who they are, and exactly what they're stating about it.

In an article, it was likewise said that the function is being dealt with for Android and needs to be along "quickly."

Update: Mark Zuckerberg offered the word to CNET that the live video streaming function is now presenting to Android users in the United States. No word yet on when those outside the United States can anticipate seeing the service on their gadgets, however, we will upgrade this page once we understand more.
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January 19, 2016: speculative assistance for Facebook over Tor included.

Tor is the world's private network of the option, offering exactly what is called onion routing, a safe and secure approach to securing and moving information online. It was very first provided main assistance by Facebook in 2014 when Facebook produced its own Tor onion address.

Now, Facebook has broadened this support to Android. A brand-new speculative function has been contributed to the Facebook app enabling access to Facebook over Tor through the Orbit proxy app, which is quickly offered on the Play Shop.

You need to have the ability to allow the function by going to App settings in the Facebook app, where there ought to be a brand-new choice switch called Usage Tor through Orbot.

October 26, 2015: notice tab upgraded.

The announcement tab in the Android app got a significant overhaul, and now shows personalized info such as buddies' turning points, sports ratings and upcoming occasions. In extra, if you make it possible for Area History within the app, you can include info on things that are taking place in your local neighborhood, weather condition updates and film provings, naming a few things.

Keep in mind that this brand-new function has just up until now made a look in the United States.