Facebook Old Version Login

Facebook has presented a brand-new design for profile pages, likewise called timeline. Then brand-new re-designed appearance has a traditional screen of profile screen image on top with a substantial listing of old Facebook updates, pictures, videos and more. You can quickly change and update to brand-new Facebook profile page design. Nevertheless, a couple of users might not like the make over and wish to revert to old Facebook profile page layout. Do you want to change back to Facebook old version login?

Old Facebook Version

The new format of Facebook profiles 'Timeline' supply comprehensive details about you and your activities on Facebook. However, the bulk of users just dislikes Timeline format of showing first Facebook profile details. Till now lots of methods to eliminate timeline format have emerged, the regrettably bulk of them just do not work. Here are a couple of, that works till now!

Facebook Old Version Login

1. Utilizing Facebook Mobile variation rather of default Facebook site. You can use m.facebook.com rather of www.facebook.com to log in and search Facebook. This will open a mobile variety of Facebook without the timeline profile format. Nevertheless, the couple of users might not like the too natural form of mobile variation of Facebook-- so you might attempt approach listed below for turning of timeline profile format on Facebook.

2. Timeline Get rid of [Not readily available now-chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/dnedfaenfnkikficknkklbdedlecmpgc- more information at timelineRemove.com site] Chrome extension works like a beauty. It is a Google Chrome extension that reveals Facebook profiles in the older format rather of timeline format. As soon as you download and install this Chrome extension, reboot Google Chrome and re-login into your Facebook account.

Facebook Old Version Login

From now on, your Facebook profile which of your Facebook good friends need to appear in old profile design (rather of unwanted 'Timeline' format). Timeline Get rid of is likewise offered for Firefox users, simply head over to timelineRemove.com site and download an add-on for Firefox web browser to get rid of timeline format.

Old Version of Facebook Login

1. Facebook has included brand-new aspects to develop user interface of Facebook.com site. Now there is moving brand-new updates ticker box showed at leading best part of the site. It is likewise shown at the top of the chat box when the chat window is opened and not lessened. While a couple of users discover works, bulk creates this ticker box massive time interruption. The good news is, there are methods to get rid of ticker from Facebook utilizing web internet browser extensions.

2. Another significant modification is leading blue navigation bar. Now, this bar stays at the top of web internet browser even when you scroll down. Utilizing web internet browser extension, you can bring back initial Facebook blue navbar that does not stay on the top of the internet page.

3. Facebook profile pages have actually gone through an extreme transformation with the intro of timeline design function. Facebook will immediately update all user profiles to brand-new timeline design by default. New timeline design is much better than old profile layout-- so you may not wish to change back, what state?
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Old Facebook Version

1. Formally, inning accordance with Facebook Assistance Center [facebook.com/help/?faq=19409] "You will not have the ability to change back to the old style after updating." So, if you do not like the appearance of brand-new Facebook profile pages-- do not try to upgrade.

old version of facebook login

2. Nevertheless, the couple of users have effectively changed back using a workaround of shutting down Facebook represents 10 minutes. Check out treatment to stop Facebook account, ensure you just turn off the Facebook account and not erase it-- beware!