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Facebook Jayden K Smith - Here's a story you have most likely heard before: A viral scam is spreading out on Facebook, that, when you stop and think of it, indeed does not make any damn sense.

Facebook Hacker

Monday's scam includes an expected Facebook hacker called Jayden K. Smith.

As far as the fraud goes, users are cautioned about an inbound pal demand from a user named "Jayden K. Smith," who is apparently a hacker. Then the user is motivated to share the caution with all their pals to secure one's Facebook network from Jayden.
Check over here:
The warning looks a little something like this:
Please talk the contacts in your Messenger list, not to accept Jayden K Smith relationship demand. He is a hacker and has the system linked to your Facebook account. If among your contacts allows it, you will likewise be hacked, so ensure that your pals understand it. Thanks. Forwarded as gotten.
Facebook Jayden K Smith

The important things are: the message itself is the scam. Which we must have all recognized if we only stopped and considered it for a 2nd.

Initially, "the system linked to your Facebook account." Lol. Going to require more details there.

Second, it's ridiculous to believe you'll be hacked if any of your Facebook buddies end up being friends with Jayden. Ending up being good friends with somebody on Facebook does not in some way offer an individual access to, state, your e-mail password.

This viral message isn't smart. However, it appears to be created to make the most of an important nexus of (the absence of) hacking understanding: Lots of people have no idea how hacking works and lots of people are likewise not surprisingly scared of being hacked.