Download Private Facebook Video

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How to Download Private Facebook Videos

How to Download Private Facebook Videos

1. Open Facebook in Google Chrome. You will have to utilize the Chrome Web Designer tools to discover the link to the private video. Chrome is a complimentary web browser that can be downloaded from Google.

Download Private Facebook Video

2. Open the connection to the video you wish to download. The video ought to open in its page.

how to download private facebook videos to computer

3. Click the Chrome menu button. This lies in the upper-right corner of the window. It appears like three horizontal lines. Hover your cursor over Tools, then choose "Designer tools." You will see a little bar look at the bottom of the website.

Click the "Undock" button in the bottom-left corner to open the Designer tools in a different window. This will make it simpler to browse.

how to download private facebook videos online

4. Click the Network tab in the Designer tools. This will open a list of all the products on the existing website.

how to download private video from facebook to pc

5. Play the video. For the video to appear, you will have to play it from start to end up in the Facebook window. As soon as the video is total, click the "Type" column to arrange the list of things by their file type. Scroll down up until you discover one identified "video/mp4".
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If you play the video and do not see the file, keep the Designer tools open and revitalize the Facebook page with the video. Play it once again from start to complete, and examine the list. You might need to do this numerous times for it to appear.

how can i download a private video from facebook

6. Right-click on the video address in the "Call" column. Select "Open link in a brand-new tab." A brand-new tab will open with directly the video.

how do i download a private video from facebook

7. Right-click on the video. Select "Conserve video as ..." then pick where you wish to save the video and exactly what you want to call it.

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