Delete Old Facebook Account and Start New One

Facebook is a site, and all the information for your page is saved on different Facebook servers in huge data centers. It is not kept on your PC or your phone: they are simply methods to access it online. Delete old Facebook account and start new one...

To erase your Facebook page, you need to visit your account, then go to the "Erase my account" page at and click the large blue button.

The Facebook assistance page states: "When you delete your account, individuals will not have the ability to see it on Facebook. It might use up to 90 days to remove all the important things you have published, like your pictures, status updates or other information kept in backup systems. While we are erasing this info, it is unattainable to other individuals utilizing Facebook." If you alter your mind and visit later on, you will be provided the possibility to reactivate your account. However, some or all your information might have been erased.

Delete old facebook account and start new one

Delete Old Facebook Account and Start New One

Before you delete your Facebook page, it's an excellent idea to download a copy of your information. To do this, click the downward-facing triangle and choose Settings from the drop-down menu. When the page loads, click the text that states "Download a copy of your Facebook information." Facebook will email you when your information is prepared to download.

Otherwise, think about deactivating your account instead of erasing it. The impact is precisely the like far as your real friends are worried: you and your information vanish from Facebook. Nevertheless, you can reactivate your account if you alter your mind.

No e-mail address, no password

I do not remember my e-mail address and Facebook password. How can I close my account? Alban
You cannot quickly close an account unless you can go to it. However, the number of e-mail addresses do you have? A lot of to attempt them all?

Go to the "Discover Your Account" page at and try getting in the e-mail addresses and contact number you utilize, your user name or your complete name and look for your account.

If you cannot discover it, get a Facebook buddy or relative to assist. Ask to go to your Facebook page, click About and search for your e-mail address under "Contact Details." If you didn't make your e-mail address noticeable, ask to send you the web address (the URL) of your page. This will inform you your username, which you can go into in the "Discover Your Account" page.

For instance, if your user name were John Doe, then your Facebook page would most likely be at

There is a method to erase an account that you cannot access. However, you need to develop a brand-new Facebook account to do it. In this case, browse to your old account and Report/Block it. Next, pick "This is my old profile" then "Close this account." Facebook states: "the profile will be examined and shut down after we have the ability to validate that it's your old account."

There is no other way to combine two accounts.

Individuals who are most likely to forget their names, passwords and e-mail addresses ought to include several "relied on contacts." To do this, go to the Settings page, choose Security (left wing) and after that click "Trusted Contacts." This enables you to pick from 3 to 5 individuals-- regrettably, 3 is the minimum. If you ever have an issue accessing your account, you can request a security code to be sent out to a relied on the good friend. They pass the code to you so that you can utilize it to access your account.
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Going back to square one

I wish to erase my Facebook account since there are great deals of things on it. I want to begin with a real tidy Facebook page. Suzette

Your Facebook account is connected to your e-mail address and contact number, not your actual name because there might be hundreds or countless individuals with precisely the very same name. You should for that reason believe thoroughly about which e-mail address and telephone number you wish to utilize in future. Keep in mind, you can not use the very same ones, because Facebook will reactivate your old account, rather of producing a brand-new one.

Before you erase your account, get a back-up of your information, as explained above. After that, go to your account settings and alter the crucial entries to something you do not desire. It's critical to change your e-mail address to another working e-mail address-- you can produce one for the function. You can likewise alter your true name, your user name, and potentially your password. (Altering your password will stop your mobile phone and tablet apps from visiting.).

The settings for "Account security" might likewise consist of a list of "authorized gadgets" that are connected with your account. You might wish to get rid of those too.

Keep in mind, when you develop a brand-new account, Facebook will do its finest to reactivate your old account, based upon whatever information remained in the old account.

Keep in mind that when you erase your old account, you will lose all your good friends, images, messages, remarks, favorites, video games and other information. You will likewise lose access to user groups and so on. Ensure you keep a record of whatever you wish to return.

Likewise, inform your crucial buddies that you mean to erase your old Facebook account and produce a brand-new one. If you do not, they might believe a fraudster is impersonating you and report you. If they have currently verified that you are a good friend, they will not anticipate obtaining another good friend demand, unless you caution them.

If you do all this, then you ought to become able to develop a brand-new account, with your favored e-mail address and user name. I would not anticipate this to work till your old info has been flushed from Facebook's system. That might take about two weeks. However, it may take a month or more.

You could, naturally, produce a brand-new account then Report/Block the old account, as explained above. Nevertheless, I choose my technique. Initially, it protests Facebook's conditions to develop more than one individual account. Second, you would not have the ability to produce a brand-new account with your old user name and e-mail address. Third, you 'd need to count on Facebook to validate and shut off the old account, rather of having the ability to do it yourself.