Delete Instagram Account

Delete Instagram Account - Here are the actions for erasing your Instagram account completely. When you erase your Instagram profile, it will be undetectable to pals and will disappoint up in the search.

Delete Instagram Account
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Erase account by visiting

You need to have the ability to visit your Instagram account before you can erase it.
  • Browse to Instagram's home page
  • If you utilized your Facebook account to register your Instagram account, click Log in with Facebook
  • If you registered with Instagram utilizing your e-mail address, click Log in

Delete Instagram Account

The best ways to visit your account

Select how you registered your Instagram account, and follow the guidelines to visit.

  • Enter your Facebook username, e-mail address or contact number along with your Facebook password
  • Click Log In

Delete Instagram Account


If you utilized your e-mail address to register your Instagram account, follow the guidelines listed below:
  • Enter your Instagram username and password
  • Click Log In

Completely erase your account

  • Click on this link to browse to the removal page
  • Select Something else from the drop-down menu and enter your Instagram password in the text field listed below
  • Click Completely erase my account

A dialog box will appear and ask you if you make certain that you wished to erase your account

  • Select OK

Delete Instagram Account

Instagram account-- erased

Congratulations! Your Instagram profile has now been completely erased.

Delete Instagram Account

Delete Instagram Account.