Delete Facebook Messages All at Once

I do not believe individuals have sentimental sensations in keeping chat history messages on Facebook or other digital media. However, still, you can see your chat history is filled with messages from the past. So why should we keep messages for so long on Facebook? Merely because we slouch or do not have time to invest to erase all the messages. We understand messages on Facebook is time taking and stressful. Delete Facebook messages all at once...

Facebook has alternatives in its wallet to enable individuals to delete messages in an efficient method. You can separately erase messages or delete total chat messages with a good friend. Follow the 2nd link listed below entitled "eliminate Facebook chat history" to comprehend the best ways to reduce Facebook chat messages separately. It likewise information ways to erase Facebook chat messages with a good friend entirely.

To get rid of Facebook chat history or chat messages with all your good friends at the same time, there is no choice readily available on Facebook today. However, on Google Chrome, you can do this with the assistance of a Facebook extension. Sorry! It is not an extension; it is simply an action that we can contribute to Chrome. It works we are including will allow Facebook users to erase their chat history with all their pals in one click.

Delete Facebook Messages All at Once

Delete Facebook Messages All at Once

Erase Facebook Chat History with Several Good friends in One Click

Google Chrome is so remarkable with its impressive variety of apps and extensions, besides its faster efficiency. To erase total Facebook chat messages with all your good friends in one single click, set up an add-on or action on Chrome called Facebook-- Erase all messages.

The setup will take just a couple of seconds as typical with another Chrome add-on. Nothing else to do. Only set up, then login to Facebook. Go to "Messages." Likewise, you can straight browse to messages on Facebook from the address bar typing the URL "" You can now see the page action to erase all messages with many buddies at the address bar. See the listed below screenshot to see the action button.

delete facebook messages all at once chrome

You simply have to click the button. It will request for your authorization to continue. Just click the OKAY button. It erases all the messages on Facebook and reveals a verification message after completing. The chat messages you have finished with all your buddies will be disappeared simultaneously. It's quick.
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Erasing of all your chat messages has one benefit too. It keeps your privacy level on Facebook undamaged at some level. If somebody, eventually of time in your life, got to your Facebook account, you can prevent the embarrassment that might trigger to you by your chat messages.

Erase entire chat messages with several good friends on Facebook in one single click and take pleasure in the liberty.