Deactivate or Delete FB Account

As you understand, Facebook has experienced shocking development in the last few years, and it's now the undeniable leader in the social networking area. So, the concern is, why would anybody wish to deactivate or delete FB Account altogether. Well, here are a few of the possible factors.

  • You do not take pleasure in social media network anymore, and you wish to eliminate it.
  • You do not feel safe on Facebook and having personal privacy problems.
  • You invest (or waste) excessive time on Facebook.
  • You have moved to a various network. Twitter, maybe?

Deactivate or Delete FB Account

See, there might be a lot of factors. Thus, this post is for those who believe they have had enough with this Facebook thingy and wanna give up. As constantly, Directing Tech is here to assist. Here come the actions.

Deactivate or Delete FB Account

How to Deactivate Facebook Account

Following are the steps to disable your Facebook profile momentarily.

1. Go to the Facebook house. Click the Account tab provided on top right. Now choose "Account Settings" from the fall menu.

how to deactivate facebook account

2. A Facebook account settings page will open. Click the "shut off" link provided at the bottom.

how to deactivate facebook account in mobile

3. It will ask you the factor behind deactivating your account. Provide the appropriate factor by inspecting any of the offered alternatives. If you do not wish to get any future e-mails from Facebook, then check package beside "Email pull out" choice. Now choose "Deactivate My Account."

how to deactivate facebook account temporarily

4. A "Password Verification" screen will appear. Type your password in the package and click "Verify" button.

how to deactivate facebook

5. A security check window will appear. Fill the text in the package offered listed below and click "Send" button.

how to deactivate fb account

That's it. Your account will be shut down. Keep in mind that you can trigger your account anytime by visiting Facebook once again. Deactivation does not imply removal of account. Facebook continues to keep your profile info (buddies, images and so on). Deactivation just indicates that no user (even your friends) can see your account.
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How to Delete Facebook Account Permanently

You can completely delete your Facebook account. It will delete all your profile details, status updates, records and all other account info altogether. When you erase it, you cannot get your profile back so believe thoroughly before taking this action. Done thinking? Here we go.

1. Click this link.

2. A page will open as displayed in screenshot listed below. Click "Send" button.

How to Delete Facebook Account Permanently

3. A "Completely Erase Account" box will turn up. Compose your password in the package. Pass the security check by fill box provided listed below with proper text.

how to delete facebook account permanently in mobile

Another box will appear. It will inform you that your account will be completely erased within 2 Week. This is the grace duration supplied by Facebook to provide you a long time to reconsider your choice. You might reactivate your account in those 2 Week by finalizing in.

i want to delete my fb account permanently now

In this method, you can shut off or erase your Facebook account. You would have observed that the actions aren't that apparent. Facebook does not desire folks to leave quickly (naturally).