Deactivate Facebook Steps

Deactivate Facebook Steps - In Facebook you can not erase your account yourself, you can nevertheless deactivate it so that it does not appear openly and demand to have it deleted by Facebook.

Nevertheless after deactivating it, if you ever log in with that username/password mix once again to Facebook it right away reactivates it. In some cases, you might do this without believing.

You can not utilize that e-mail address for a brand-new Facebook account. You will have to use a different e-mail.

Deactivate Facebook Steps

Deactivate Facebook Steps | To DEACTIVATE your account:

  1. Login to Facebook with account you want to shut off
  2. Click the account menu Setting icon on top right of any Facebook page
  3. Select Account Settings
  4. Click Security in the left-hand column
  5. Click Deactivate your account
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To ERASE your Facebook Account:

After it is shut off, you can just delete it by asking for Facebook to erase for you by visiting and going to this link and verify you want to empty your account and all information.