Cover Photo for Facebook

Cover photo for Facebook - The most aesthetically appealing element of Facebook's timeline has generated a growing market. A lot of the tools for producing cover images are repurposed from screensavers and banners. However, they work.

Cover Photo for Facebook

A few of the tools look into your picture albums on Facebook to put together covers, while others provide you databases of high-resolution images to select from. All they offer you something to fill the approximately 851 by 315-pixel area that the cover image commands. Here's a rundown of the offerings in this area.

Cover Photo for Facebook: Interactive Cover Production

  • The Site Canvas: Link your Facebook account straight to this app, and you can select from a range of designs to construct your cover image. (60,000 month-to-month users, 17,000 likes).

  • Cover Photo Magic: Link your Facebook account to the app that runs natively on Facebook, then construct a cover image from images you pick. (20,000 regular monthly users, 11,000 likes).

  • Face It Pages: This enables you to develop a range of images, not simply banner images, with its user interface. Just log in and utilize their application to begin structure. (29,000 likes).

  • My FB Covers: The function to search for on this website is the collage maker that integrates your existing Facebook images into a banner-wide collage of all your Facebook good friends. (458,000 likes).

  • First Covers: This website has everything: it's a cover developer and large image database, all in one. (246,000 likes).

  • Picscatter: This has the best-looking user interface of them all. Produce a cover in 3 actions, or do it on the go with Pic scatter's mobile app. (215,000 likes).

  • Cover Junction: First, sort through Cover Junction's cover images. Then, utilize the cover developer to link your Facebook account and submit your pictures. There's even an alternative for you to include your timeline banner to their database where others can utilize it on their own. (12,000 likes).

  • Fookcover: This takes popular art, sizes its images to a banner, then lets you link to Facebook to publish your cover in a couple of clicks. (494 likes).
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