Can I See Who Visits My Facebook Page

If you have discovered yourself on this page then is quite safe for me to presume that you came across it while aiming to establish whether a Facebook tracker exists. Can I see who visits my Facebook page? Whether you are wishing to learn who stalks you, or are hoping that no one can see you stalking them.

Can I see who visits my facebook page

Can I See Who Visits My Facebook Page?

The primary response to the concern in the title is no. No, there is no chance to see who visits your Facebook profile. Facebook merely does not enable tracking applications on their site and will turn down any application sent to them for approval if it includes code with the ability to do so. In the not possible occasion that any trackers do by wonder get passed the facebook application mediators, you can wager your life that it would not take them long at all to discover it and eliminate it.
Facebook Trackers Disallowed.

Facebook has a rigorous monitoring system for any brand-new applications and adjustments to applications. A designer should send their application to Facebook for approval, and every piece of code is put under examination. Viewing as there is no other way whatsoever for you to put HTML code in your profile, or modify the source code, you can ignore any external trackers too. Here is among the lots of first declarations from Facebook:

" Exists any method to see who has been seeing my profile? Can individuals see that I took a look at theirs?
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Facebook does not enable users to track profile views or see stats on how typically a particular piece of material has been seen and by whom. 3rd party designers, nevertheless, might provide applications that supply a few of this performance. Please keep a couple of things in mind when utilizing these, however:.

1. Applications can not track profile views for users who merely go to another individual's profile. Facebook has made this technically challenging.

2. To be followed by an application, you need to accept permit the application to access your details explicitly.

3. Including an app that offers this performance is merely optional. If you do not wish to get involved, please do not include the application to your account.".

There are, as recommended, some applications with really minimal performance. These will evaluate and present stats on those who are most active on your profile, e.g. those who 'like' your posts the most and talk about your wall one of the most. These supply you without any info whatsoever which you can not determine yourself by just examining your previous alerts.