Can I Deactivate My Facebook?

There are times when you seem like you wish to eliminate your Facebook account, and possibly you'll regret it later on and want to restore it. In any case, these guidelines ought to assist you out.

Can I Deactivate My Facebook?

Click the down arrow on top right of Facebook.

Can I Deactivate My Facebook

Go to Security settings and choose to Deactivate your account.

This will lead you to a page with photos of individuals whose posts you have most communicated with. These profile images will appear with text stating everyone will miss you.

can you deactivate my facebook

Be strong and fill in the fields provided for the factor for your shutting down the account.
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You can likewise pull out of getting emails from Facebook and messages on Messenger. If you have established any app on Facebook for which you are the only designer, the app will be erased unless you move the rights to another individual.

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