Who Views My Facebook Profile

You have most likely wondered before who views my Facebook profile. Regrettably, you can not, but this short article will information why, as well as how you can keep info away from spying eyes.

Sadly, since today, there are no functions to let you know who views my Facebook profile, which means that you should take a few steps to consider exactly what you are placing on there thoroughly. This article will give you a few ideas on how to keep your Facebook profile safe, along with walk you through how to hide particular details from outside viewers.

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See Who Views My Facebook Profile: The Fraud

A while back, some Facebook applications and links had been considered, declaring that you could see who views my Facebook profile. It required that you click some links and even enter your email. Sometimes these phishing frauds would even reach needing you to enter your Facebook password. After they got your password and email, they would spam their advertising to the walls of your unsuspecting good friends, all the while most likely infecting your computer with malware and spyware. You should realize that no third party application or link is going to enable you to view who views my Facebook profile. The trick, nevertheless, is to limit the info that they have the ability to see if they are not your friend!

Not sure what a phishing fraud is? Here's a short article on Phishing Scams & Facebook.

Practice Smart Social Networking

Facebook, while being a fantastic location to correspond with family and friends, can likewise be a place that can get you in difficulty if you are not mindful. It's bad practice to chatter on Facebook, as people you have not befriended can typically read your details if your mutual friend talks about it. Do not complain excessive about your job - specifically your boss or manager - on Facebook either, as it is relatively easy for that information to be learned. Even if you have your settings so outside viewers can not see what you compose, a vindictive coworker may still be able to reveal your manager. Likewise, prevent writing telephone number, home addresses, as well as email addresses on Facebook. If people truly require that information, they can regularly send you a message and ask for it in private.

Hide Facebook Details

Hiding your Facebook info is relatively easy, and a pretty wise thing to do. Facebook offers a somewhat a la carte service of what details you can reveal and hide at will. The default permits people to look at images and wall posts, however, conceal things like phone numbers, addresses, and your relationship status. If you know that your manager, meddlesome in-laws (if you have those, that is), high school rivals, or ex-significant others are likely to look you up on Facebook, it 'd probably be smart to conceal as much information as possible till someone asks you to befriend them.
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Here's How You Can Do It!

First, access your privacy settings. You can do this by clicking on the "Account" tab on the top right of your screen.

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Next, you'll be taken to a screen that will reveal you a little chart of exactly what your existing settings are. Here's what mine appears like:.

who views my facebook profile

Setting your account information to "Everyone" allows everybody to see every single little bit of information in your profile, every photo you're tagged in, all your buddies, and even the important things you post on your wall.

Allowing "Buddies of Friends" permits anyone who shares at least one shared man to see all your details. (Why this is an alternative is beyond me, to inform the reality.).

Activating "Buddies Just" needs a person to send you a Friend request that you need to accept before they can see any of the information on your profile. I honestly think this is the safest and most responsible option you can go, particularly if you seem like a slip up on Facebook might potentially hurt your professional or personal relationships.

Customizing your information is another original route to go. Maybe you would not mind if people might see your pictures, your bio, and preferred quotations. Maybe the only thing you wish to hide is your birthday and contact info! Facebook quickly allows you to tailor exactly what information is revealed to others by way of easy to manage to drop down tabs like so:

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There is even the option of blocking or blacklisting people from your profile. This is particularly helpful if you have been bothered by somebody. However, there are methods around it. Remember, the very best method to protect yourself from social networking issues is to limit the details that can be seen and to conduct yourself suitably. The best way I can sum this up has got to be, If you would not say it in person, do not say it on Facebook!