Who Deleted Me on Facebook?

Are individuals you think of as your friends deleting you from their Facebook accounts? Facebook doesn't inform users if they are gotten rid of from a good friend list, so it's not right away apparent when you've been provided the chop. But a brand-new app called Who Deleted Me on Facebook? Modifications that by letting you discover the minute you lose a pal. So how does it work-- and do individuals want to understand when they're getting the brush-off?

Who Deleted Me on Facebook

Exactly what is Who Deleted Me on Facebook?

Who Deleted Me? Is a free app that responds to the unpleasant question at the back of many Facebook users' minds. Without trawling through everyone you have new Facebook to examine they are still following you, it can be hard to find when somebody has eliminated you from their list of friends. Who Deleted Me on Facebook? Lets you called quickly as you have been erased from someone's Facebook good friend list, and reveals who deleted you.

The app likewise monitors any pals you delete from your very own Facebook account, as well as any good friends who have deactivated their profiles. Offered on Android and iOS for mobile users, Who Deleted Me on Facebook? Can also be installed as an extension on the Google Chrome internet browser.
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How does it work?

It works by saving your good friend list on Facebook the very first time you utilize the app. Each time you access Facebook consequently, the app compares your existing real friend list to the initial list and reveals you anybody who has gone missing considering that you last logged on. Nevertheless, you can just find who has 'unfriended' you after the app has been installed-- you won't have the ability to see who dropped you in the past. A similar app, Who Unfollowed Me, supplies the very same service to paranoid Twitter users.

What reception has it got so far?

Although an app that reveals concealed rejections might not appear like a must-have, the response to Who Deleted Me? Has been frustrating. So frustrating, in fact, that the stress on the servers as web users gathered to install it caused site blackouts on Monday. Now geared up with a bigger server, the app's developers are positive they can manage the increased traffic. Not everybody is a fan, however, and among the app's critics is Facebook itself. Service Insider reports that, in February, app developer Anthony Kuske got a message from the Facebook support group informing him that Who Deleted Me? Was developing an unfavorable user experience on the website. The 47,000 people who have liked the app's page on Facebook so far do not agree.