Welcome to Facebook Messenger

Required assistance finding Welcome to Facebook Messenger on your Android phone? Follow these basic actions to discover where you have set up the Facebook Messenger app:

  1. Find your Apps folder on your Android gadget.
  2. Find the blue Facebook Chat app icon, entitled "Messenger.".
  3. Click the icon to introduce the app.

Unlike a lot of Facebook images, which are adorned with the social media network's well-known lower-case "f," Facebook Messenger includes two-word balloons with a blue squiggle/lighting bolt.

Welcome to Facebook Messenger
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Welcome to Facebook Messenger for Android

Once your download is total, you can sign in and begin utilizing your Facebook Chat Messenger on your Android phone.

Similar to on the social network's website, you can send out inbox messages and likewise access your buddy list of online users to start sending out and receiving messages while on the go. Take pleasure in Facebook Messenger's Android app!