Remove My Facebook Phone Number

If you gain access to Facebook from a mobile phone, your telephone number might be noted in your good friends' contacts list. It's simple to remove my Facebook phone number if you understand where to look.

remove my facebook phone number

Remove My Facebook Phone Number

If you have been on Facebook just recently, you might have seen a few of your buddies upgrade their status with this caution:

ALL THE PHONE NUMBERS of your contacts are now on Facebook! Go to the leading right of the screen, click ACCOUNT, click EDIT BUDDY, left the side of the screen and click CONTACTS. You will see all contact number from your phone (FB pals or not) are released that you have kept on your cell phone. TO ELIMINATE, go to the ideal column, click 'this page.' Please repost this on your status, so your buddies can reduce their numbers and therefore avoid abuse if they do not desire them released.

This isn't the very first time that Facebook has released personal info about its users, and I have no idea how just recently this modification to sync phone contacts, too, occurred. However I can inform you that on my Phonebook Contacts list (Account > Edit Buddies > Contacts), lots of however not all my Facebook pals' telephone number-- both mobile and in some cases house-- are noted. Inning accordance with Facebook, this Phone book "shows contacts you have imported from your phone, along with your Facebook good friends." Listed below this quote in the right-hand column of the Phonebook page, it provides guidelines and a connect to disable this function and eliminate your mobile contacts.
A fantastic read:
That's all well and good, however, unless all my Facebook pals disable this feature, my number will still be out there, in the Facebook ether. In this tutorial, I will reveal you the best ways to erase your phone. And if you 'd like, ways to delete those of your Facebook good friends too.

I am an iPhone user, and I didn't willingly offer my telephone number to Facebook. (Even if I am Facebook buddies with somebody does not always indicate I desire them calling me.) I do not know for sure. However, I think my number got included when I set up the Facebook app on my iPhone.

To erase your contact number (or see if your number is noted), log in to Facebook and click the gray Edit Profile button in the upper-right corner of your profile page. Then, in the left-hand column, click Contact Info. In the location identified Phones, you'll see any numbers you have signed up with Facebook, maybe unconsciously. Get rid of any numbers you see there and click the blue Save Modifications button listed below.

remove my phone number from facebook account

To erase your good friends' telephone number from Facebook's Phonebook Contacts list, click Account in the upper-right corner of Facebook then click Edit Pals. Next, click Contacts from the left-hand column and you need to see much of your pals' telephone number on the Phonebook Contacts page. In the right-hand column, Facebook supplies a description of the page and the best ways to eliminate your mobile contacts. Click the connected words "this page" then on the next page, struck the Eliminate button.

On the Eliminate page, Facebook states, "Before you click Get rid of, you have to make sure syncing is turned off" and offers directions on ways to discover syncing on an iPhone.

remove my phone number from facebook

To do so, open the Facebook app on your iPhone. From the original menu, tap the Pals icon, then the Sync button in the upper-right corner, then the Sync Contacts button, then beside Syncing move the slider to Off.