Not Following Back On Instagram

1. Unfollowers & Ghost Fans

Discover your Unfollowers & Ghost Fans and more! Free! No limitations! Not Following Back On Instagram, Your Instagram ™ account Analyser! Get Fan Insight with this multi-functional app!
The application offers you the analysis of your Instagram ™ account, consisting of the list of:

✓ All your followers and enables you to unfollow them straight from our app!
✓ All your ghost fans (fans) and enables you follow them straight from our app!
✓ All your shared fans
The application likewise supplies brief info about the variety of your:
✓ fans
✓ & followings

Download - Android iOS Windows

Ways to:
  • Check in utilizing your Instagram ™ qualifications (auth is utilized, protected).
  • Browse through the menu and pick followers/ ghost fans/ shared fans.
  • Unfollow/ Follow as much as you desire.

Problem finalizing in? Then do the following:.
1 Open the initial Instagram app.
2 Navigate to any photo - like or remark.
3 Return to our app and attempt once again ...

An app with gorgeous style, swipe-to-refresh, multi processing functions is waiting on you ...

P.S: we are still having some issues with packing accounts having 20k+ fans. It in some cases work for them, often not.
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Disclaimer: this app is by no methods connected to Instagram ™.

2. InstaFollow for Instagram 

Download - Android iOS Windows.

Not Following Back On Instagram

InstaFollow the most popular app for Instagram neighborhood management. Not Following Back On Instagram, It supplies effective analytics and deep insights that empower brand names to comprehend their neighborhood and progress artistically.

Usage InstaFollow app to successfully handle your Instagram account and get a lot of insight. It's quick, precise and incredibly user-friendly.

Not Following Back On Instagram
Not Following Back On Instagram

Free Characteristics:
  • Follow/unfollow users.
  • View user profiles.
  • Assistance accounts approximately 10,000 users.

Analytics Just:
  • Program the variety of gotten fans.
  • Program the variety of lost fans.
  • Program the variety of non-followers.
  • Program the variety of shared good friends.
  • Program the variety of fans.

Premium (Optional Purchase).
  • Discover and Track Blockers.
  • Assistance Several Accounts.
  • Get rid of Advertisements.

Engagement (Optional Purchase):
  • Ghost Users.
  • Secret Admirers.
  • Finest Users.
  • Leading Fans, Likers and Commenters.

User Insight (Optional Purchase):
- Sort Users Based upon Likability.

Media Insight (Optional Purchase):
  • Program Many and Least Popular/Liked/Commented Pictures and Videos.
If you get included on InstaFollow, you can get more fans extremely rapidly.

Keep in mind: You require an Instagram account to utilize this app!

Not Following Back On Instagram, This app is not associated with Instagram.