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Logout Facebook Automatically

Logout Facebook Automatically

Do you ever stress over forgetting to log out of Facebook and having somebody else get to your Facebook account? Well, if you have not you ought to since it takes place all the time.

Even if you close your web internet browser, you aren't immediately logged out of Facebook. Another person might take a seat on your PC, open your web browser and see Facebook with your account currently visited for them.

And exactly what if you do not close your web browser at all? If you leave your internet browser window open while you enter into another space or go to the corner market, Facebook will gladly sit there and await your return.

However exactly what if something turns up and you cannot back to your PC for a while? Another person might quickly occur and read your messages as well as chat with your good friends while pretending to be you. Or even worse. The possibilities for mischief are unlimited!

Facebook Auto Logout is a Google Chrome web browser extension that helps in reducing the potential of another person accessing your logged-in Facebook account by immediately logging you from your Facebook account after a set amount of time. Just configure the timer to a time of your picking, and as soon as that amount of time has expired you will be instantly logged out of your account!
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If somebody else occurs and starts utilizing your computer system after you have been logged out by the extension, they will exist with the regular Facebook login screen rather of your news feed.

To set up Facebook Auto Logout, just see (link eliminated per the upgrade above) with your Chrome web browser and click the Contribute to Chrome button.

Benefit pointer: If you ever have any doubts about being logged out when you're far from your PC, you can continuously inspect the presently active Facebook sessions from your mobile phone or another computer system and log out any open sessions from another location.