How to Use Facebook

How to use Facebook? Everybody's heard of Facebook, but there still may be a few of you out there that have up until now refused to get on the social media bandwagon. If you are finally breaking down and joining the rest of us, welcome, and we're here to assist you to make the shift.

Signing up with Facebook is complimentary, easy, and worthwhile-- after all, it's an excellent method to communicate with loved ones, fulfill new people, and express yourself. Our Facebook guide is by no means total. However, the following are some of the basics for the beginner social networker. Only remember to keep those personal privacy settings in check.

How to use facebook

How to Use Facebook

Signing up

Initially, you'll have to go to the main Facebook site and sign up. The website will ask you for your very first and last name, and either your mobile number or e-mail address (either will do). You'll likewise require entering your birthday and gender, which will help assist others in discovering you on the site. Make sure you also choose a password that's easy to keep in mind, and, additionally, strong enough to keep others guessing.

A word on utilizing your real name, though. While Facebook has unwinded its requirement on using something other than your actual name in many cases, in the primary, the site will require you to utilize your real name in your profile. Those who do not the risk of having their accounts locked up until they prove their identity. It's procedure, to be sure, so we recommend you utilize your original name from the beginning.


Once you're established with your new account, go on and set your privacy settings so you can control who has access to your info and profile. These parameters are discovered by clicking the down arrow located on the right-hand side of the topmost toolbar, under Settings. Then, try to find the Personal Privacy link in the left-hand navigation pane and click it.

Here, you can establish your privacy defaults. You have three main settings, plus a customized option for even more control. You can even alter these on the fly when publishing content. We recommend that you avoid leaving your info open up to everyone. Remember, exactly what occurs on Facebook does not consistently remain on Facebook. Here's what they suggest:.

Public: Everybody can see your material, consisting of those you aren't friends with.

Friends: Only those who you're connected to as good friends will be able to see your posts.

Just Me: As it says, this material is hidden from view, and only you can see it.

If you want more control, click More options and check out some of the Customized choices. As you gain good friends, Facebook will likewise automatically add brand-new privacy groups so that posts may only show to those whom you work or have worked with, schools you've participated in, or even people who live near you. It's cool.

how to use facebook privacy settings

This page also houses options to control who can send you friend demands, as well as options for handling how others on Facebook can find you. We also advise surfing around the Timeline and Tagging tab if you want to play further who can publish stuff to your timeline and whether they can tag you in posts and other material.

Making sure these personal privacy settings are how you desire them is necessary. Think thoroughly about public images and info, and consider exactly what your employer or your granny would think about your profile.


Facebook is typically an expression of the person, so why not have some enjoyable with it? Below are a few of the lots of individual elements you can modify on Facebook, and exactly what they imply.

how to use facebook story

Profile photo: Upload, snap an image from your webcam or choose a picture from an album to be your default profile photo. Don't fret excessively about size-- Facebook will crop it for you-- however, keep in mind that your profile picture will continuously be displayed despite your privacy setting.

Cover photo: Upload, take or select an image from an album to be the default banner image that extends throughout the top of your profile. Once again, whatever image you use can be cropped, rearranged, or changed down the line.

Update your info: In the "About" portion of your profile, you can go into info about whatever from your work history and education to your preferred quotes and where you live. This is also where you toss in basics such as your contact info, age, gender, religion, and relationship status, among other things. Maybe even write a brief bio about yourself if you wish to enter into it, or include a line or more to the "Intro" section located in the upper-left corner of your profile page.

Likes: Look for your favorite bands, sports teams, books, businesses, and anything else you can think about in the tiny search bar at the top of the page. Make certain to click the Like button when you have discovered exactly what you're searching for. If it exists, then there is a likelihood there's a page for it.


Facebook can be lonesome without friends, so fire off those friend requests. As soon as you have gathered a few friends, Facebook will start suggesting other individuals be your buddy based upon ordinary men and interests. Below are two techniques for discovering friends.

how to use facebook search

Search: The search bar at the top of the page is the quickest and simplest way to find your good friends on Facebook. Just type the name of your buddies, family, and coworkers in the search bar. It's an easy way to find directly about anyone on the website.

Import: Facebook offers you the alternative to importing contacts from another area. The website can explore contacts in Windows Live Messenger, GOAL, Yahoo, Outlook, and Gmail, in addition to a lot of other e-mail services. Go to the Discover Friends page to obtain started.


While it's cool to learn exactly what's going on in the lives of your pals, photos and videos are far more interesting to look at. Here are ways to use these functions, including the brand-new Facebook Live feature.

Publishing single pictures and videos: If you're only submitting just a single photo, use the Photo/Video option situated atop the area where you 'd usually type the text of your status message. You'll simply have to navigate to the file to submit it. If you wish to add some text to accompany the picture or video, type it in the textbox before clicking the blue Post button.

Creating an image or video album: If you have some photos or videos-- say from your recent vacation-- utilize the Photo/Video Album choice. This will organize all of these pictures and videos together, which, if you're one for an organization, will leave your photos page cleaner and much easier to browse.

Utilizing Facebook Live: Facebook is making a big push for live video. If you desire to start transmitting from your mobile gadget in the whole time, all you need to do is click the Live button at the top of the app, type a description of your video, and tap Go Live after selecting your audience. You'll immediately start broadcasting, and you'll have the ability to see the number of individuals is enjoying and their remarks in the whole time.
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Sharing is at the heart of Facebook, so while you're ultimately in control of exactly what you share, ensure you're at least making it rather enjoyable for your good friends. As previously pointed out, you do have the ability to restrict with whom you share every post, so not everyone needs to see it if you don't desire them to. Here are the fundamentals of what you can presently share on the website.

Status updates. What's on your mind? Status updates will look like posts on your Timeline and News Feed. Here, you can easily share text, images, videos, and relate to the people of your choice by placing your content and hitting the blue Post button.

Sensations and actions: Facebook also enable you to share how you're feeling, or what you may be doing, in your statuses. They'll appear at the top of the status update as something to the degree of "Ed Oswald is feeling entertained," or "Brandon Widder is enjoying The Walking Dead." You might currently do this in the text of your upgrade. However, some choose to share this way.

Check-ins: Wish to flaunt that you got tickets for the big video game or concert? Check-ins give you the choice of selecting a particular area and time when you post. Simply click on the pin icon in the share menu to find neighboring areas from a drop-down list or just key in a particular field.

Life events: Facebook does a terrific job of sharing those big, life-changing minutes, such as graduating from college or having a kid. From your profile, all you have to do is click Life Event button in the share menu and pick the kind of game. Then, just go into the specifics.

Tagging: The tagging function enables you to tag your buddies and share a post with a number of their timelines concurrently. Just type the ampersand symbol (" @") in the share box and choose which pals you want to tag from the resulting drop-down menu. You can continuously key in a name if the individual you wish to label does not have a Facebook account.

Sharing on other timelines: In some cases, you might simply want to share things with a particular someone instead of broadcasting it to everyone you understand. Thankfully, sharing on someone else's timeline works in the very same way as using the share box on your page. Visit their profile page and insert the content, tags, or location you want to share in the share box on their timeline. Later, struck the blue Post button.

Liking: When inspecting out what others have shared, make sure to let them understand exactly what you consider the content by clicking the Like button situated listed below their post. You're not limited to that type of action, either. Current changes to Facebook suggest you can likewise now respond with a host of emojis-- "Love," "Anger," etc. Merely hover over the Like button to bring up the alternatives, or press and hold the Like button if utilizing the mobile app.

Facebook offers you the option to like, comment on or share practically any post that you can view on the site. All you need to do is select one of the options below the post.


It's not as personal or elegant as your e-mail. However, Facebook is exceptionally useful when it concerns privately getting in contact with acquaintances or people you do not know all that well. Or perhaps you just desire to forego Yahoo Messenger, GOAL, or Skype for something a bit more all-encompassing. Either method, Facebook has got you covered.

how to use facebook messages

Messages: There a couple of ways to send out the personal message to people on Facebook, and you do not require to be pals with someone to do so. One method is to click the Messages tab on the left-hand side of your homepage, select the New Message alternative, and choose a name (or names) from the drop-down menu after you start typing. Then, enter your message and click Send out. You do not need to remain on this page, as new messages will appear along the bottom of the page while you're somewhere else on Facebook.

Chat: Forget the days of AIM and Yahoo Messenger, Facebook has a built-in chat client, so you can talk with your buddies without ever leaving your News Feed. This works similar to the Messages page. Look to the lower-right corner of Facebook, and you must see a list of friends who are online. Then, just click a name to begin talking-- the chat box will appear at the bottom of the page.

Video calling: Facebook makes video calling a breeze. Just click the camera icon in any chat discussion box to begin a video call with one of your pals utilizing your default cam. Although you can not talk with multiple individuals simultaneously, you can continue using the Facebook chat while taking part in a video call.