Easiest Way to Save Instagram Photos on iPhone

As a choosy "liker" on Instagram, I make certain to just double-tap on the images that I take pleasure in taking a look at scrumptious cheeseburger shots, Siberian Husky snaps, music celebrations pictures, and required infant photos that my mommy posts from my youth. Easiest Way to Save Instagram Photos on iPhone.

How to See Photos You've Liked on Instagram

All these photos are ones I would delight in taking a look at permanently, however, there is no integrated choice for conserving other Instagrammers' pictures onto an iPhone. I might go through the difficulty of screenshotting and cropping each image. However, there is a much easier method to conserve those photos on iOS. instantly.

Utilizing Likes, a free iOS app from SocialSafe, you can quickly see all the photos you have liked on Instagram and conserve them to your Electronic Camera Roll. All you have to do is set up the app, open it up, and approve it approval to your Instagram account. Likes will then assemble your newest likes into a nicely packaged grid.
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To conserve a photo to your Video Camera Roll, simply tap it, and a red checkmark will appear over the pictures that you have conserved. Then simply go to your Electronic Camera Roll to take a look at the nicely cropped Instagram images that you have conserved.

Holding down on a picture will take you to its initial post in the Instagram app.

Sure, you might simply screenshot the Instagram post and crop it. However, Likes accelerate that procedure and do it better, making the photos simple to gain access to and conserving you the trouble of cropping them.

You might even utilize this app to conserve Instagram photos you do not truly like, Easiest Way to Save Instagram Photos on iPhone, however, wish to keep anyhow; much like the picture, wait, and after that unlike it. It's that simple.