How to Remove App on Facebook

This step is essential; you should unlink your account from all the apps accounts that you visited utilizing your Facebook account. This will stop you from accessing that app with your Facebook account immediately, as well as stop the new collection of details.

However, the info you have currently shared might still be kept in the database of the app, and you will have to contact the app developer to get rid of that details.

How to Remove App on Facebook

To remove connected Apps and services, go to "Settings" by clicking on the drop down menu with upside down triangle on.

how to remove app on facebook

In "Settings" click on "Apps" from the menu located on the left side. In there you will see all the apps and services which you logged in utilizing your Facebook account.

how to remove app on facebook timeline
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To unlink these apps from your account, click on the "X" button located on right side of each app and from the timely click on "Get rid of." If you would like to delete the previous posts from a particular app, check the checkbox in the timely before clicking "Remove" (although, it may take some time to erase).

how to delete an app on facebook

You will have to eliminate each app manually, make sure you don't miss out on any.