How to Post a Live Video on Facebook | Webcam Recording

You can record something with your cam or mobile phone video camera and have it submitted instantly onto Facebook. This would be the most least-used choice for posting videos on Facebook. How to post a live video on Facebook?

If you wanted to do this, here's how you would go about it ...

How to post a live video on facebook

How to Post a Live Video on Facebook

  1. On your Facebook profile or page, go to the 'Share' area and click 'Video.'
  2. Select 'Record a Video.'
  3. An 'Adobe Flash Player Settings' window will appear asking if you wish to permit Facebook to access your camera and microphone. Select 'Enable,' tick the 'Keep in mind' checkbox (so you don't need to do this each time you utilize this feature), and click the 'Close' button.
  4. A red record button needs to appear, and you need to see the video feed from the webcam. When you're ready, click on the record button.
  5. When you wish to complete the recording, click the stop button. If you want to examine the video before it's published on Facebook, click on 'Play.'
  6. Add a remark in the field supplied (optional).
  7. Click on 'Share' to end up posting your brand-new video to Facebook.
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Well done! You have just posted a video on Facebook.