How To Mass Unfollow On Instagram

How To Mass Unfollow On Instagram - Instagrams official app does not have a mass un-follow function. However, there's an app for that! Its called InstaFrManager. Exactly what it does, is it analyzes your Instagram account, and supplies you with a list of everybody who you are "ghost" following.

If you do not upgrade your post information, then, you can un follow everybody (Because it will believe that you are the ghost following everybody!

How To Mass Unfollow On Instagram

How To Mass Unfollow On Instagram
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Instagram Account

InstaFrManager ($.99).


1. Download InstaFrManager from the app shop. When its downloaded, open it up and login with your Instagram account.

2. When logged in upgrade your fan details by clicking "Update All."

KEEP IN MIND: Do not upgrade your post information unless you wish just to follow individuals you are ghost following.

3. Scroll down to the bottom, and click where it states "Ghost Following." Now click the un follow all! It will begin un following everybody. This might take a while, so you will not have the ability to utilize your phone while it un follows.

4. If you want to un, follow everybody who isn't following you click "Ghost following who isn't following you." Click un follow all, and it will un follow anybody who isn't following you!.

This app is helpful, and decently worth the $.99 DO N'T listen to the evaluations on the app shop, the app works BEAUTIFULLY and its an actual time saver! How To Mass Unfollow On Instagram.