How to Make Facebook Private

Facebook supplies some choices concerning privacy protection by enabling users to handle who sees the wall posts, contact information, and images connected with an account. Facebook's interface facilitates personal privacy management by providing three settings for its control: public, pals and custom. How to make Facebook private?

The general public setting allows all Facebook users to see all information, aside from account passwords. The friend's settings permit only a Facebook user's buddies to see their information. The custom setting enables a user to make whatever on a Facebook account private along with tailor the personal privacy settings for Facebook groups.

How to make facebook private

How to Make Facebook Private

1. Navigate to your Facebook profile page and open the account settings drop-down menu located by the Home button. Select "Personal Privacy Settings" from the account settings drop-down menu.

2. Click "Customized" to open the Custom-made Personal Privacy dialog box.

3. Open the "These Individuals or Lists" drop-down menu and choose "Only Me."

4. Click "Conserve Changes."
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