How to Hide Your Friends on Facebook

How to hide your friends on Facebook - Almost every element of your Facebook Timeline can be managed, and your Pals list is no exception. With a quick change to the personal privacy settings, you can conceal it from view on your Timeline.

How to hide your friends on facebook

How to Hide Your Friends on Facebook

Browse to your Timeline and scroll to where your Buddies list is shown. Click the pencil icon beside the "Buddies" title to modify the list and choose "Edit Personal privacy." Set "Who can see your Buddies list?" to "Just Me" to conceal it.

Shared Pals and Other Pals Lists

Restricting personal privacy on the Pals list conceals it from your connections. However, it does not make it difficult for somebody to see your good friends. For something, a "Shared Buddies" panel shows to any connections who share a good friend with you. Furthermore, concealing your Pals list does not eliminate you from any of your pals' Buddies lists and, depending upon the personal privacy settings they utilize, a Facebook user might still identify your connections.
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Extra Ways to Improve Your privacy on Facebook

Facebook may have a track record for exposing info about users to the general public. However, that's just when default personal privacy settings are utilized. The website uses adequate personal privacy controls that can keep your profile concealed from anybody other than those you license-- you simply need to use the settings. Make certain to check out the Facebook Personal privacy tab (link in Resources) to configure your privacy settings.