How to Friend Someone on Facebook and Hide It

How to friend someone on Facebook and hide it? I make certain that this has occurred to you previously. Somebody, you have ties to, whether it's a colleague, your employer, or perhaps worse, moms and dad, has lastly found social networking and wishes to be your latest Facebook pal.

For me, that's no huge offer. I'm relatively open about my online activities. Whatever I compose, Digg, or otherwise share goes through my FriendFeed to my Twitter then eventually onto my Facebook (my, that sounds naughty). Besides that, almost everybody I 'd think about a colleague is currently on Facebook and would have the little problem about my other Web activities.

Putting all that aside Nevertheless, the picture for a minute that I operated at Domino's Pizza which I do not desire my manager to understand that I simply ended up being a fan of Papa John's (composing this one's going to make me starving). Here's exactly what I would do to conceal Facebook status updates and keep that reality restricted to my close buddies:

How to Friend Someone on Facebook and Hide It

On your Facebook web page, you must see the 'Settings' menu near to the search field on your upper-right. Open that menu and go to 'Personal Privacy Settings.'

How to friend someone on facebook and hide it

On the next page, you'll have four options: Profile, Browse, News Feed, and Applications. Exactly what you'll wish to modify here are your Profile personal privacy settings.

how to friend on facebook and hide it

By default, whatever on your profile is restricted to your Buddies and your Networks (your very first Network is most likely your city of the house. However you might have signed up for more). From the screenshot above, you can see that I have restricted whatever on my profile to my Pals and their Buddies. Anybody else who visits my profile will just see that I have a profile, however, will not see exactly what's on it.
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In my example, you're going to wish to modify the setting on your Status Updates, considering that you do not desire your employer to understand that you have actually "fanned" the competitors. Click that drop-down menu then chooses 'Tailor.'

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You might wish to fine-tune your total personal privacy setting here, however exactly what we're going for is the "Other than These Individuals" list at the bottom of this dialog. Type out the name of any of your Buddies to limit that person from seeing anything in your Status Updates.

For all you devoted Facebook fans, we have got plenty of ideas and techniques on the best ways to take advantage of the website. If you have any personal privacy suggestions or issues to share, please drop them in a remark. I'm off to buy pizza.