How to Delete Photos on Facebook

This guide will stroll you through the various methods of removing an image from your Facebook timeline. We will describe how to delete photos on Facebook or album that you have personally published, as well as the means to untag yourself from an image submitted by another user. When complete, these pictures will no longer appear in your timeline or albums and will not be associated with your account.

How to Delete Photos on Facebook

To remove a picture you have personally published on Facebook, merely navigate to the image you want to erase and move your mouse down the border of the picture. In the menu bar that shows, just click Alternatives > Erase This Image:

how to delete photos on facebook

Then click on Confirm.

Erase Facebook Profile Picture

You can delete your Facebook profile photo utilizing the above method. As soon as you are linked to your Facebook account, click your profile image and click on Options > Erase This Picture.
Delete a Picture Album on Facebook.

To remove an entire picture album on Facebook, go to the Photos > Albums and pick the album you wish to remove. Click the cog icon showed top-right and selected Erase Album:

how to delete photos from facebook album

Click Confirm.
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How To Untag a Facebook Image

If you wish to disassociate yourself from a photo that somebody else has published of you, you can do this by untagging yourself from the picture. To do this, just browse to the image, hover over your tag, and click the untag choice that appears.

Additionally, you can either ask the individual to remove it or request its removal from Facebook. Do this by navigating to the image in which you are tagged, clicking the small arrow menu appearing on top right corner and picking Reports post:

how to untag a facebook photo

Facebook will ask you why you do not desire to see this image. Select one of the options provided and then click on Continue:

how to untag facebook photos quickly