How to Deactivate Own FB Account Temporarily

Have you attempted Facebook and found it simply wasn't for you? Maybe you are concerned about your privacy and not want an account? Or do you feel you're ended up being a Facebook addict and wish to take a break? How to deactivate own FB account temporarily?

There are lots of factors that you may want to stop utilizing your Facebook, but did you know that you have the choice to either shut down or erase your account? Let's check out the distinctions between the two.

When you deactivate your Facebook account, all of your details (pictures, wall posts, pals) disappear quickly. Your buddies can not view your profile, and strangers can not browse for you. Pals can still tag you in images, and invite you to events, nevertheless. Deactivation is a short action because Facebook saves your profile precisely as it is when you shut down. If you choose to reactivate your account, your profile will re-appear simply as you left it.

How to Deactivate Own FB Account Temporarily 

To deactivate your account, select Account followed by Account Settings from the Facebook menu.

How to Deactivate Own FB Account Temporarily

Next, on the left-hand side, pick the Security tab.

how to deactivate own fb account
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Click Deactivate my account.

how to deactivate my own fb account

When you scroll down, you will see that Facebook needs you to select a factor for deactivation, as well as allows you to pull out of its e-mails. Click Confirm and enter your password, and the process is complete!

how to deactivate my fb account

To reactivate your account, just log in utilizing your e-mail address and password. It's that simple!