How to Deactivate Facebook Page

Facebook is unarguably the most significant social media network with over 1.71 billion users. Despite the fact that it is popular, there might come a time when you desire to shut off Facebook Account, or you simply would like to know what it feels like to deactivate Facebook account temporarily? How to deactivate Facebook page?

If that's not what you want, then possibly you want to erase Facebook account permanently. Exists a distinction between deleting your Facebook account permanently and deactivating it briefly?

Here are some of the significant differences between deleting your Facebook account and disabling it

  • When you erase, you can not reactivate your account: This indicates the account is gone forever, but when you deactivate it, you can always reactivate it.
  • When you deactivate your account, Facebook saves some records however when you erase it; it is gone completely.

So now that you know the major distinctions let me show you the process to follow if you desire to deactivate your account. For those you choose to view, you can jump to the video directly.

How to Deactivate Facebook Page

5 Steps to How to Deactivate Facebook Page Temporarily


Log in to the Facebook account you desire to erase. It could be a page or an individual account.


To Deactivate Facebook account, Click the account menu at top right of any Facebook page


Select Settings


Click Security in the left column


Pick Deactivate your account, then follow the steps to validate.
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If you chose to deactivate your Facebook account, make certain to note that followings:

1. Your account will not be noticeable to other people on Facebook as people will not have the ability to look for you.

2. Some details, such as messages you sent to pals, may still be visible to others.

3. You can reactivate whenever you wish to. This is because Facebook will conserve some info like friend's list, things and places you reveal interest in

If you desire to delete your Facebook page completely, then follow the following steps:

Delete Facebook Account: Are you fade up with your existing Facebook account? Do you wish to delete your old Facebook account permanently?

Before you continue, it is essential you understand exactly what you desire: Do you want to remove your Facebook account or you just wish to take a break. If you only need a break, click here to deactivate Facebook Account.

Deactivating Facebook is way different from simply accounting deletion.

Here' s what you require to keep in mind:

  • You' ll requirement to provide a request to have your account permanently deleted.
  • Be sure to understand that you won`t be able to obtain nor reactivate that account or the data.
  • Lastly, to erase your Facebook account permanently, release your request here. Click this link


  • People will not see the account on Facebook again.
  • It might take about 80-- 90 days for the overall removal of whatever you have published. Example: Pictures, Status, Updates and any other information kept in backup systems.
  • Good friends may still have messages from you after you delete your account. That info stays after you erase your account.