How to Change Facebook Url

Have you imagined the day you could upgrade your Facebook URL?

That day is lastly here.

Facebook lastly opened evictions that permit you how to change Facebook URL and Username, which are the very same thing.

I had been yearning for this chance for the in 2015 and a half!

When I began my Facebook Page, I was a Virtual Assistant, so it made good sense to have ". Va" in my username! It was exactly what I was.

As my service has developed, my page name stayed the very same with the ". Va" noted. It has continued to puzzle individuals questioning precisely what I was now.

I am more than happy to state that we upgraded my page URL and username just recently and I do not have it! It was basic and took minutes

How to Change Facebook Url

How to Change Facebook Url/ Username

  1. From the top of your Page, click Edit Page.
  2. Select Update Information.
  3. Click Modification username in the Username area.
  4. Go into a brand-new username and click Examine Accessibility.
  5. If the username you desire is readily available, click Confirm to wait.
Now here are some things to bear in mind on upgrading your page URL/ Username.

You Can Just Modification It WHEN!

Yes, this is just a 1-time shot. After you upgrade it and alter your URL, that alternative will never appear to you once again. So pick sensibly. Make it something that you understand is NOT going to alter. EVER.
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You Can Modification Your Profile URL AND Your Facebook Page URL

Whether you utilize your profile or a company page, you can upgrade both! Facebook permits you to customize both kinds of pages. If you have not set your URL for your profile! Ensure you do that now too! You desire whatever branded!

The username or URL can just be utilized as soon as.

I hope I can conserve you from the same error I made. I set my profile to the URL and username of "Createregisteraccount" years ago when they opened this choice through Facebook. I do not think at this time that Pages were offered, so I didn't consider the possibility of having to utilize it for a Page that didn't exist.

When the alternative to alter the URL appeared a couple of weeks back, I entered into my profile and went through the actions above to maximize "Createregisteraccount" so I might utilize it for my Facebook Page. Instantly it altered my URL on my profile. I then went to my Page to upgrade the URL/ Username, and it informed me it was not available which I had to choose another alternative.

After some efforts to call Facebook and no word back, we yielded to that you can just utilize the username AS SOON AS for permanently! DISAPPOINTMENT! So my brand-new page name is now--