How Do You Logout Facebook Messenger App

" I discover no place to log out the Facebook Messenger. Why this app has no logout button. How do you logout Facebook messenger app?"

Facebook Messenger app is incredibly popular. Nevertheless, this app might piss you off as you can not discover any logout button like Facebook app. You can see Facebook Messenger was flooded with unfavorable evaluations of logout issue. It is so odd, best? Then how do you logout Facebook messenger app? This short article can provide you some pointers and let you wisely sign out Facebook Messenger on iPhone or Android phone.

How Do You Logout Facebook Messenger App

Part 1. Log out from Facebook Messenger on iPhone

This part is going to reveal you two methods for Facebook Messenger log out on iPhone.

Within Facebook Messenger app

1. Release Facebook Messenger, and tap on the "Settings."

2. Tap "Regards to Service." Scroll down, and you can discover then tap the words within the blue link, "Data Usage Policy."

3. Tap the Menu bar on the top-left corner. Select "More Resource" > "Designer Payment Terms".

How do you logout facebook messenger app

4. Zoom gradually up until you can see plainly your profile image on the top-right corner. Tap your image and expose the fall menu.

5. You'll discover the "Log Out" choice. Tap it and after that log out of Facebook Messenger.

With the help of a Facebook app.

1. Introduce Facebook app, struck the "More" menu on the bottom-right corner, and pick the "Settings" alternative.

2. Tap "Security" > "Active Sessions".

how do you logout of facebook messenger app on iphone

3. Discover the entry that notes these:

Gadget Type: Facebook Messenger on iOS 8.
Device Call: Facebook for iPhone.

4. Tap the cross icon beside that log to end its session. Now, you have logged out of Facebook Messenger.
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Part 2. Ways to sign from Android Facebook Messenger.

1. Browse to Facebook Messenger app on Android and go to the "Settings" menu.

2. Scroll down to find and tap "Apps" choice. After that, tap "Messenger" from the app list.

How Do You Logout Facebook Messenger App

3. Go to the "Storage" menu.

4. You need to now observe two alternatives, "CLEAR DATA" and "CLEAR CACHE." Just click "CLEAR DATA." And, you have effectively logged out from the Facebook Messenger app.

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