Facebook.com Login Mobile | Facebook Mobile App Download

If you are on a cellphone then visit m.facebook.com, it is a direct link to Facebook.com Login Mobile. Facebook has evolved a lot in the past couple of years, and now it is improving with the mobile version of the site as well.

I log in to Facebook more than 30 times a day since there is constantly something new from my good friends, that I may be interested in. Because I work from house, I don't need to login to m.facebook.com however rather use the PC variation which has everything I want in 1 page.

Facebook.com Login Mobile | Facebook Mobile App Download

Facebook mobile will certainly be beneficial to people who travel a lot and do not have time to log in to Facebook via Desktop PC. I am planning to purchase a brand-new Android-based smartphone quickly, so m.facebook.com will come in convenient if I wish to access Facebook using Mobile aside from the Facebook app (which is extremely slow).

Old Facebook mobile page:

Facebook.com Login Mobile

Partial Screenshot of the brand-new Facebook mobile page:

Facebook Mobile App Download
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Facebook.com Login Mobile Page

Inspect it out: 0. facebook.com, m.facebook.com, touch.facebook.com are a few of the URL used to access Facebook through a mobile phone.

By the way, you can also access m.facebook.com through PC; it's simply a lighter version of the real Facebook.com. You can access m.facebook.com using Opera Mini web browser or something similar from your phone.

Enough stated, now check out m.facebook.com login and take pleasure in Facebook mobile on the go with your pals!

Need aid with the Fb mobile site? The check out this assistance page: http://www.facebook.com/help/mobile/web

Facebook Mobile App Download - I have decided to include the various Facebook Mobile apps that you can access from devices and here they are:

1) Facebook Android app:

2) Facebook iOS app for Apple:

3) Facebook app from Nokia OVI store:

4) Facebook app for Blackberry:

And finally.

Facebook Messenger for Windows: