Facebook Video Downloader for Android

Discovering a great Facebook Video Downloader for Android might be a challenging job as it needs expert research study and excellent command on the OS so that the app that has been selected is the one that remains in line with the requirements. When it pertains to Facebook then apart from just viewing the videos the users often wish to download them so that the offline small talk might be made more interesting and enjoyable filled.

The leading five apps that might be utilized to download not just the Facebook videos, however, any present of the web will form the remainder of the tutorial so that the users never discover themselves in a tight spot if they need an excellent application.

Facebook Video Downloader for Android

Leading 5 Facebook Video Downloader for Android

Below are the leading ten apps that are ranked high by the users and it is likewise worth pointing out that these apps have a great fan base which indicates that the users enjoy using the app terms to download videos.

1. Tube Video Downloader


With the fastest downloading speed and the whole appealing style the app leads the list, and for that reason, it is extremely advised to download it to obtain the work done. Though the user ranking is moderate still the app is doing its finest to make sure that the score is enhanced.


  • The user interface in addition to the style of the app remains in line with the needs of the contemporary innovation, and for that reason, it makes sure part of the Android phone
  • A UI video gamer has likewise been incorporated to view videos in addition to the seeing the images online.


  • The search function of the app is to be updated to as primarily the users are grumbling about search breakdown
  • The adverts obstruct the app from downloading the videos, and for that reason, they are to be seen before continuing even more.

Variety of users: 1000 - 1500
Rate: Freeware

2. AVD Download video downloader


In the beginning look, the app does not look too impressive however the functions as they are checked out cause numerous other remarkable terms that have been embedded within. The user simply has to start with the app after checking out the tutorials that are offered online.


  • The appearance of the app is necessary, and for that reason, the users who are brand-new to the world of Android can likewise utilize it with care and excellence.
  • The design of the discussion of the app is remarkable, and for that reason, it is encouraged to download the app for terrific understanding and outcomes.


  • The user has to comprehend the app totally as various performances of the app are related, and for that reason, it can not be utilized without it
  • The overall downloading speed of the app is low as compared with the comparable ones that are offered on the market.

Variety of users: 50,000-- 100,000
Cost: Freeware

3. Media clip video downloader


With substantial website assistance and the total amazing functions additions, the app is now leading the marketplace and is an action ahead of the competitors. The user can now delight in the ever increasing site assistance as brand-new ones are being the new board. The app which can do question for the users is the one subjected.


  • Not just the videos the app likewise enables the users to download the images in addition to the files that are essential.
  • The website assistance is being increased with every passing day as more of them are getting on board to support the users.
  • According to the user evaluates it is an app that has made the downloading simple, and for that reason, it is essential to make sure that the score is for that reason high.


  • The user needs to bear with the advertisements that exist to them before the downloading starts as they have to see them completely.
  • The ad blocker app if triggered disputes with this app as seeing the ads is something which has been made required.
  • The app does not enable the user to define the download place, and for that reason, it is the most significant mess that has been provided by this software application.

Variety of users: 250,000-- 300,000
Cost: Freeware
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4. Let me download


Having the best advancement group backing the terms for the users this app certainly provides for exactly what it has been produced. On the other hand, it does not function as a lousy app that does not carry out the develop to the mark. The user requires this app to complete downloads from the websites they prefer.


  • The app is easy to use as the GUI user interface has been utilized and for that reason, it is essential for the amateur ones to obtain this
  • The user does not need to see videos or download crap to download the videos as it has been strictly removed.


  • The app disputes with the system resources of Package Kat, and for that reason the variation of the Android is to be updated to obtain the work done
  • The general terms that have been embedded within the app are the ones that would get the work carried out in a reasonably quick way.

Variety of users: 25,000-- 75,000
Rate: Freeware

5. HVD


Today the users love downloading HD videos, and for that reason, it is essential for the users to obtain the app that just satisfies this need. HVD or the High Video Meaning is the one that meets engagingly and leads the user to a real and amazing experience.


  • The user interface is too basic, and for that reason, the use of the app is high owing to that even a layperson can carry out the function.
  • The general problems that relate to the regular apps about speeds have been fixed in this app entirely.
  • It makes it extremely simple for the user to obtain the files online as well as assists the procedure if the user wishes to utilize any among them offline.


  • The user has to download the extensions or enjoy videos to obtain the video downloading begun and to finish it.
  • The app has a bug that it does not offers alerts if the downloading has been completed and for that reason, it has to be repaired.
  • The YouTube URL's are not acknowledged sometimes, and they need to be included by hand, or the app is to be rebooted which ought to be repaired as quickly as possible.

Variety of users: 75,000-- 120,000.
Rate: Freeware.