Facebook Messenger Reactions

Facebook Messenger reactions are here to remain.

Over the last couple years, Facebook's renowned like button has been expanded with "responses," a wider choice of the replies on Facebook. A little over a year since the launch of Facebook responses, they're now on posts, messages, and even comments.

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Facebook Messenger Reactions

The reactions came to Messenger directly a couple of months back, and have currently been sent over 2 billion times, the business announced on Wednesday. To put that into the point of view, at last count, Facebook Messenger revealed a shocking 1.2 billion users. Messenger likewise includes the website's closest thing to a dislike button through the 'no' reaction.
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To mark the milestone, the business launched some insights into how Messenger Responses are utilized around the globe. The 'love' reaction is the most popular on Messenger, while the 'no' one is the least popular. The favorable responses are all more popular than the negative results.

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Here are the most popular reactions by the nation in select countries.

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Young millennials, specified as those ages 18-24, send responses twice as regularly as older age groups and are likewise more likely to send out a wider series of reaction. Facebook also discovered that on average more guys send out responses whereas women send opinions more frequently.

While the like button continues to remain an individual symbol for Facebook, the company has already begun weighing responses more when choosing exactly what to reveal on your News Feed.

UPDATE: June 7, 2017, 1:17 p.m. EDT This story was updated with a correction from Facebook about the name of the 'no' reaction.