Facebook Messenger Keeps Crashing

Intro: Facebook Messenger Keeps Crashing

Facebook Messenger is a popular instant messaging app from Facebook. Similar to any other app, Messenger is susceptible to experiencing some problems with the devices to which it's installed.

facebook messenger keeps crashing 2017

One of the most typical concerns encountered consists of the app crashing and freezing on different platforms. Others include no chance of sending your messages; servers are offline, and nothing is practical when you open the app.

Facebook Messenger app is advanced now as compared with the initial software application release. It enables you to have chats in groups, free voice calls, sending videos and photos and in addition to sending messages to people on your contact list.

Internet Connection Problems

facebook messenger keeps crashing

For proper and terrific working of Facebook Messenger, you will require having an excellent internet connection with high signal strength. This applies to both cellular and Wi-Fi networks.

If your connection is weak and sluggish in processing requests, it can lead to crashing of the app or freeze it.

If you access the web through Wi-Fi, but it has problems and errors that might require attention, then think about doing either of the following:

  1. Change your Wi-Fi off by triggering the Plane Mode.
  2. If Bluetooth is on, switch it off.
  3. Power off your device and router then restart them once again.
  4. You can choose other network connections to deal with.

You have to close and stop Facebook Messenger app from running if you are to alter and change your internet connection.

The connection switch can be from cellular to Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi to 3G network. If you cannot close the app, it may crash when you are in the switching procedure.

Restart Your Phone

This can be your first-time option when crashes become familiar or when Messenger does not respond. This will close all procedures that work in the background which may be causing your phone to crash.

It will likewise increase the area offered by maximizing memory space that had actually at first been blocked.

To reboot your Android device, press the power button and keep your finger holding in that position for some time. As a result, the Menu will display, and you can select either to directly restart your phone tap on Power off and after that reboot.

This ought to make Messenger run smoothly. If this does not resolve the concern, then continue to other available ways.

Erase Cache and Piled Up Information

facebook messenger keeps crashing 2017

When using Messenger rather often correctly daily, the cache from the app will keep piling up and accumulate. Over a long time, you will recognize that the app has become sluggish in the running, and in some cases crashes and freezes, and this will be regular.

This cause can be dealt with by clearing the cache of piled up information on your gadget. This will fix the problems that result in "Facebook Messenger has quit working" notices.

To delete and clear cache information, follow these steps. On your Android device, open Settings. Continue and click on Application Manager (which is Manage apps on some Android phones) and look for Facebook Messenger. Click this app and from the many options on the window that results, click on Clear Cache.

Press the Force stop choice that will stop the app in case it's running in the background. Close the settings get back to your House screen. Release the app once again on from your House display.

If the step above did not fix the problem, you might decide to explain data. This will erase all the data Messenger has on you including the one on personal setup. Thereby this choice is a bit severe than the previous one. You will have to have all your login details (username e-mail or phone contact and password) before you proceed.

To explain Facebook Messenger app information, you will follow the steps outlined above on how to remove cache i.e. Settings > Application Supervisor > Facebook Messenger. You are to click on Clear information next and after that on Force stop. This will be like you have simply installed the app when again.

Maximize More Storage Space

Enough memory area is necessary for the proper and healthy working of Messenger. You have to consider options that will offer you much-needed area. You can decide to eliminate cache partition from your device or remove idle apps on your phone.

From the cleaning cache partition, you will have the ability to recover more area initially inhabited by temporary and scrap files.

To tidy cache partition, trigger healing mode on your phone. A particular set of keys needs to be pushed for this to happen which depends on the kind of your phone. When you understand the keys, turn off your gadget. Long press by keeping the set of secrets till Healing menu screens.

Explore the Recovery mode using the Volume buttons and pick Clean cache partition by tapping on the Power button. When total, keep exploring till you find and choose the Reboot system with the Power Button.

To uninstall an app that you rarely utilize, go to Settings and click Apps and pick the tab on Downloaded. Navigate the various apps appearing and click the app that needs to be removed.

Missing out on Messaging Chats on Messenger

The majority of Facebook Messenger users have reported this as amongst the most typical problem likely to be encountered when using the app. If you have this concern on your device, then accessing any of your old or new messages will be impossible.

To fix this matter, you will require having your messenger cache cleared. You will do so by following the actions described below.

Examine the status of Facebook Messenger and ensure that it's not running in the background. This will stop new cache from being included in your device as Messenger checks for the newest updates. Continue to open Settings and click Application Manager. You will then see all your downloaded and set up apps here, and you need to locate Facebook Messenger in here.

On opening the Messenger app, a page including information on the app will show. Scrolling down through this page, you will stumble upon the buttons with 'Clear Cache' and 'Clear Data' then you must click in that order. After this is total, Messenger will download brand-new data. For the clearing cache, you can use third-party apps that clear cache on a regular basis such as the Android Assistant.

Utilizing Messenger with Other Apps

When running other Facebook Messenger, you have to limit the variety of other apps that are likewise running. This will be dependent on the storage space in your gadget and its processing speed.

An app needs some RAM to work smoothly and to open a lot of apps takes in most of the memory consequently making Messenger crash or freeze.
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Messenger App, not Working Properly

The messenger app can stop working due to a few issues. For the most parts, it is because of an attack of the software application by an infection, or perhaps it needs an update. These two problems can be resolved either by erasing and re-installing the messenger app or an upgrade to it respectively.

It's essential to understand that setting up both the Facebook app and Facebook Messenger app on your gadget makes the messaging app to work properly. Follow the actions below to repair these two problems.

In the case of Android devices, go to Google Play Store and access its menu by clicking the top left button. Proceed to the section on My App and look for Facebook Messenger app. If your software application is obsoleted, the next window provides you the option of upgrading it, and you have to upgrade it as essential.

If the app is up to date and still has issues by not working correctly, click on Uninstall. This will delete the app from your gadget. After you are completely done doing this, go ahead and set up the app when again from the Play Store.

Reporting the Problem to Facebook

If after trying all the techniques described above does not assist your Messenger app back to working properly, then you can be helped by calling Facebook Support.

They will consider your demand, and if the concern is a real one, the Facebook team will work on it and make the wanted enhancements on the app.

For iPhone and iPad users, tap on the Messenger app icon on your iPhone house screen. Continue and click Report a Problem. You will then be offered some alternatives to pick from on the kind of issue you're dealing with and then respond with a crash issue on your app.

You can also describe the issue in the text box offering precise details on exactly what you did or were doing when the problem appeared. Finalize on sending the report.

For Android gadgets, tap the Facebook Messenger icon on your phones' home screen page. Move down the page to the bottom and click Report a Problem.

Provide a clear and exact description of the problem in the text box offered and exactly what you were doing that might have caused this error. Click Send.

Providing precise information coupled with screenshot assists the Facebook group to discover the problem. Although you are not guaranteed to obtain a reply for all the reports sent out, they may contact you to supply more details and info as the investigation proceeds.

When encountered with problems, reporting them to Facebook makes them enhance the services they provide.