Facebook Messenger Circle Meaning

Here is the primary response from Facebook Messenger (focus mine):

Facebook messenger circle meaning - Messenger utilizes various icons to let you understand when your messages have been sent out, provided and checked out:

Facebook messenger circle meaning

Facebook Messenger Circle Meaning

: A blue circle indicates your message is sending out.

: A blue circle with a check means your message has been sent out.

: A filled-in blue circle with a check indicates your message has been provided.

: A little variation of your buddy or contact's picture will appear listed below the message when they have read it.
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Just what each of the terms indicates:

  • Sending out methods that your message hasn't yet reached Facebook's servers yet.
  • Sent out implies that Facebook's servers have gotten your message.
  • Provided indicates that your recipient's phone has downloaded the message from Facebook's servers.
  • Check out methods that your recipient opened Messenger and read your message.

The time distinction in between sending out sent out, and provided must be extremely quickly if both you and your recipient constantly have.

trusted web connections on your mobile phones.