Facebook Messages Download

Facebook messages download - Yes, exactly what you read is possible. Facebook permits you to download your complete profile for offline. This includes info such as About Me, Account Status History, Active Sessions, Advertisements Clicked, Address, Ad Topics, Apps, videos, Current Activities, Searches ... and the list continues. You can save anything and whatever associated your Facebook profile.

Facebook Messages Download

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The last one is my favorite one. You can download the whole list of your messages together with inbox, archive and other messages. Though the no.of messages that can be downloaded have a limitation of around 15000, I have no idea what is the specific number. Google it to discover more about the limit. I think anybody will not have such a big list of messages. If you have then anyone cannot do anything. You can not download beyond the limit.

Facebook Messages Download | Ways to Download Facebook messages, images, videos and other data

  1. Go to your Account settings by picking the "settings" option through the navigation menu on the top right corner.
  2. Click "Download a copy of your Facebook information."
  3. You will be going to the download page and choose "start my archive" to request Facebook to develop an archive of your Facebook information.
  4. Type your Password to confirm.
  5. Sit back and unwind till you get a notice or e-mail confirming to download your Facebook copy.
  6. Click on the note and download your archive verifying your password.

Step by step images in detail

Facebook Messages Download

Select settings.

facebook messages download free

Click on download a copy.

facebook messages free download for pc

Select Start My Archive and enter your password to confirm.

download facebook messages

Click the notification to download archive.

download facebook messages 2017
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You have effectively downloaded your entire Facebook and ready to see it offline. Open the archive and double click "index.htm" file you see your Facebook profile info in addition to images, messages, and videos you have shared.