Facebook Messages Delete All at Once

Erasing messages on Facebook is not as simple as deleting your e-mail, as Facebook means to keep your discussion history in Messages and Facebook Chat undamaged. Facebook messages delete all at once...

Facebook messages delete all at once

To erase messages on Facebook, you will have to open the particular message, go to choices and begin picking the message you wish to delete. If you have numerous messages, the procedure can be extremely lengthy. Otherwise, you can just get rid of the messages from the message list, however doing this will not eliminate the message completely. Rather it will be archived and will come back when the individual sends you a brand-new message.

Here's where we generate some aid i.e. 'Facebook Fast Delete Messages,' an extension for your Chrome web browser that will enable you to erase Facebook messages with a single click.

Facebook Messages Delete All at Once

To take control of your Facebook messages, go to the Facebook Quick Erase Messages extension page with your Chrome internet browser and click the Contribute to Chrome button to set up.

 Facebook Fast Delete Messages
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As soon as set up, the extension is triggered immediately. Now to erase your Facebook messages with just one click without needing to open the particular discussion pages open your Facebook Message page. You will see two additional buttons, one on the top bar and another highlighted in red. Click these buttons to erase your messages and discussions entirely.

delete all facebook messages at once chrome


With this chrome extension, you do not need to go through the lengthy procedure of message deleting, permanently clicking to erase your Facebook messages. Get the extension set up on your Chrome web browser, and you can now delete messages with a single click!