Facebook Logout Remotely

Logging in to your Facebook account from your good friend's PC or smart device is no huge offer. However, it ends up being challenging when you forget to log out that can put your details at stake.

Facebook logout remotely - This can give you problems as you mistakenly offer your pal access to your chats, images and videos and other crucial info like bank details, e-mails, and so on.

Moreover, things can get even worse if you forgot to log out from a public computer that anybody can gain access to.

The only option to the issue is Facebook logout remotely if you do not have access to PC or mobile phone used to log in. The below steps will guide you through the procedure to remotely log out of any and all the open Facebook sessions on any computer, be it a Windows PC, a Mac or a mobile phone. Here are the actions.

Facebook Logout Remotely

Facebook logout remotely

1) Log in to your Facebook account and click the down arrow in the top-right corner of the page and click on 'settings.'

logout remotely facebook

2) Click the 'Security tab' in the left column, under the 'General.'

how to logout facebook account remotely
Try these out:
3) A brand-new window will turn up with some choices. Now click on 'Where have you visited.'

how to logout facebook remotely

4) You will see a list of open Facebook sessions, with information about the rough areas, times, and the web browser of the gadget from which you had logged in.

how to remotely logout of facebook

5) Click on 'End Activity' to stop the session. And you are done.