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Facebook Lite download - If you have checked out the news recently, the lite variation of Facebook has crossed 200 million month-to-month active users. This is certainly excellent news for the social network's business. And it appears that the app has acquired more appeal given that its launch in 2015.

Nevertheless, if you have not become aware of the app or do not have experience utilizing the app, then you may have some concerns relating to the app. So in this short article, we will talk about a couple of aspects of the app which ideally will assist you to get a much better image of the app.

facebook lite

Initially introduced for the users in establishing nations where internet speed are a concern and have been irregular, the Facebook Lite app is essentially a slim variation of the first Facebook application. It is a lighter variation of the main Facebook app that has been developed and established from scratch to work efficiently with bad information connections and low-end phones. Furthermore, if data expenses are your concern, then this is the very best app that you can utilize.

Facebook Lite, on the other hand, features numerous alternatives which do supply a good user-user experience while utilizing it. You can constantly do the necessary "things" that resembles, share and talk about the Facebook Lite application. You can likewise search your newsfeed and can even message your pals through this application. Well, Facebook Lite undoubtedly supplies every center that the first Facebook application provides, however entirely in a lite way.

Having stated that, let's more take a look at how Facebook Lite compares with the primary Facebook app.

Facebook Lite Download

Facebook Lite Download

Download Size

Well, this needed to be the very first point. Facebook's first variation for smart devices is a substantial download. The size of the native Facebook app is 71.8 MB before setup and 195MB after installation. And while Facebook is continuously upgrading the app, you are bound to set up the updates frequently and lose your web information.

On the other hand, the Facebook Lite variation is under 1MB, and when set up, it uses up 2.82 MB of the area. For that reason, the app is quicker to download and set up. This will benefit more if you are on a 2G network as downloading and setting up the Lite variation ends up being swift.

Nevertheless, the sizes might differ depending upon the gadget.

facebook lite data usage


As the first FB app includes a lot of functions, it will utilize a large quantity of RAM and eventually strain the efficiency of the hardware. The FB app is understood to inhabit nearly 150MB - 300MB of RAM in the background. On the other hand, FB Lite is a lot lighter on the RAM as it uses up around 50MB - 150MB of RAM use.

facebook lite user interface
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No doubt the first FB app has a much better UI, with an efficient design and functions. Nevertheless, due to its high-end features, it uses up a big portion of your information expenses. The app downloads a lot more details in the background.

Nevertheless, the FB Lite variation is entirely opposite. Facebook Lite is the unpolished variation in contrast to the real Facebook app. It seems like a first variation, and while utilizing it, you would be advised of a possible function phone variety of the social app. Nevertheless, it is not that bad, and since of the first looks the app can carry out quicker downloads and conserve information.

facebook lite chat


FB Lite provides the choice to chat within the app, and it works remarkably well. The native app does not include this function rather you have to download a different resource great app called the Facebook Messenger which uses up another 150 MB of storage.

facebook lite notifications

Notices, Signals, Audio.

Unlike the total variation, Facebook Lite eliminates the informs and popup alerts that can be annoying often. Though signals are readily available, the audio results and noises are gotten rid of, assisting the app to be lighter and run efficiently.

facebook lite speed


FB Lite as compared with the native Facebook app is quicker. The app loads the pages in practically half the time you would require to fill them on the complete variation of Facebook.