Facebook Full Site Mobile Login

View Desktop version of the Facebook site on Android device with this easy surprise settings and enjoy complete site view of FB on web browsers.

The native HTML internet browser on Android phones usually loads mobile versions of Website. You may lack access to some of the features of Facebook full site mobile login version. So, today we will see some hidden settings to utilize full variation on mobile.

Facebook is the best social networking site linking millions of people (netizens). With Facebook, you can share your thoughts, images, and videos to your friends and family members. As you understand, all the features of Facebook.com are not offered on Mobile App and even in the mobile web version of Android browsers.

facebook full site mobile browser

So, in this post, I will show you how you can use facebook.com desktop full site variation on your Android cell phone. Bear in mind that the complete section of FB may not be smooth and straightforward in navigation on a few of the web browsers. So, attempt the methods on various internet browsers on your device.

Facebook Full Site Mobile Login

1. For Stock Android Browsers

This technique to see desktop FB on web browser deals with all stock Android browsers in addition to on some other internet browsers like Dolphin, Quick and so on.

Action 1. In the address bar of the browser, type," about: debug" and Enter.

Action 2. Now open Browser Menu => More => Settings.

Step 3. Scroll down and click on UAString.

Facebook Full Site Mobile Login

Step 4. By default, UAString is set to Android, alter it to Desktop.

Step 5. Now you can load the FB website thoroughly version on your Android gadget.
Check here:

2. For Other Internet browsers like Chrome or Mozilla.

Action 1. Open FB website on Chrome or Mozilla browser.

Step 2. Now click three dots on right top or menu option on the internet browser.

Action 3. Now look for the option named Desktop View or Desktop. Make it possible for the Desktop view.

Step 4. Refill the Facebook website and take pleasure in the desktop version with fully loaded features.

3. For UC Internet browser.

Merely go to Settings => Web Browser Settings => Site Preferences.

facebook full site mobile browser

Now under Google select Desktop and enjoy the complete site of Facebook.

Keep in mind & Conclusion: I hope the post was useful. Make remark listed below for any support or assistance. Cheers!