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Facebook Downloading - I believe about tidying up some of my Facebook data (get rid of old photos, posts, and so on). Although I'm quite sure that any images I have published on Facebook are also backed up elsewhere, I wish to make certain that I don't lose anything. After some Googling, I discovered that you could download the data from your Facebook account.

Download Your Facebook Account Data

To obtain started, click on the arrow in the upper right-hand corner of the screen and select Settings.
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From your General Account Settings page, click General on the left side of the screen.

Facebook Downloading

At the bottom of the General Account Settings, click on the Download a copy of your Facebook information link.

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A brand-new screen will appear. Click the green Start my Archive button. You will get a pop-up noting that it will take a bit to collect the archive data. Follow the triggers to continue - clicking another Start my Archive button and entering your password. You will get a verification message pop-up when this is total.

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Examine the email represent the e-mail address related to your Facebook account. You will get an email from Facebook stating that a download has been requested. You will get a second email when the download is ready. For me, the 2nd e-mail came one minute after the first email, but my Facebook account is not that large (not that many images and no videos).
Check it out:
To download the information, click on the link from the 2nd e-mail mentioning that your download is ready. (Note that you can likewise return into your account and click the Download a copy of your Facebook data link.) A brand-new screen will appear. Click the green Download Archive button. You will get a pop-up asking you to re-enter your password.

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After you have re-entered your password, the archive will download as the a.zip file. Save the file on your computer and unzip the file to access the contents. Keep in mind that your Facebook information is private details. For more details on exactly what information is included in your Facebook archive, see the Accessing your Facebook data help page.

You will have the ability to download your archive for a few days after you receive the email with the archive link. I had the capacity to download my archive three days later on, but Facebook does not state precisely for how long it keeps the archive readily available. If your download link has ended, you can begin the procedure over to create a new archive.

The downloaded archive can be challenging to navigate. The index.htm file is an excellent location to begin (you can open this file with a web internet browser).