Facebook Cover Photo Dimensions

If you've downloaded my previous Facebook cover photo dimensions templates, you'll desire to get these new ones.

Facebook cover photo dimensions

These upgraded design templates are just for business pages; profile cover photos are still 828 × 315.

It's August Fourth, 2016 and we've got a new design for Facebook Organisation Pages! Luckily, they didn't change the size of the cover photo.

I took a screenshot of the actual code for Brainy Marketer's page, so there's no doubt. Examine it out in my screenshot. Facebook cover photo dimensions is still 828 × 315. This is of course just for desktop viewers; mobile is a different story.

On mobile, on my iPhone 6s, Facebook cover photo dimensions is 750 × 420. If you expand that to 828 pixels broad, you get a Facebook cover photo dimensions of 828 × 464. So this is exactly what I'm basing my templates on.

Now we truly only require one template. The profile photos, text, and buttons have been eliminated from both desktop and the mobile app.

Because I like to work huge and update multiple cover pictures (Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn) at when I have created my design template to be 1233 × 691 (the size you get when you scale 828 × 464 up).

They match my other design templates in width, although they are 2 pixels shorter than my templates for Facebook Groups and Facebook Occasions, which are 1233 × 693.
See it here:
By doing this, I can still work with pretty much the very same image size, however, create Facebook cover pictures for all three cover image types.

This is valuable when I require developing a leaflet for an occasion but likewise have to build cover photos for all of my customers' social networks profiles. It's excellent to be constant with your branding and promos, and it's always good to find ways to accelerate the process.

Tip: This template sizes likewise work truly well with Google+ cover images. The image ratio is practically the same so that you can use the very same image on Facebook and Google without much of an issue.

Facebook cover photo dimensions

I'm making the design template offered as a transparent PNG file so that you can import it into almost any image editor you are currently working with.

To utilize the model, just import the picture and use it as a sort of mask over your artwork. Show and conceal the template as you work so you can make changes to your style.

If you do not need to, or don't wish to deal with big images, just scale the templates down to 828px wide.

Inning accordance with Facebook, 44% of users are mobile and never touch the service via their desktop web browsers. This is why I'm so determined about creating cover pictures that are taller than Facebook's official size suggestion. When you do that, the sides of your cover image get cropped off and don't look so great to mobile users.

I hope these templates help you out. As always, if you have questions, do not think twice to publish them in the remarks.